DigiDelivery 2.0 with Server-to-Server Relay

DigiDeliLTandGTThe hottest Black Box around just got better (see details below). If you want to test how DigiDelivery can make your life easier, just give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll create an account for you in our Serv|GT. Just for the record:We think it’s one of the things you didn’t know you need but once you have it, you can’t live without it. Seriously!

DigiDelivery lets you exchange any kind of digital file of virtually any size with anyone in the world. Only the sender needs an account in a DigiDelivery unit, anyone with an email address can receive files. Combining an ultra-simple software utility with an industrial-grade server appliance, DigiDelivery is easier, faster, more secure and more affordable than FTP, courier or post, and has been adopted by major music, mastering, broadcast, film and video game developers around the world.

DigiDelivery 2.0 adds a host of advanced features. The hottest new feature is Server-to-Server Relay:If both the sender and recipient have DigiDelivery servers, Server-to-Server Relay automatically transfers deliveries from box to box. Since the slowest part of the transfer is handled by the servers, both the sender’s and recipient’s workstations are freed up for more important work.

The DigiDelivery 2.0 client software also enables you to create multiple deliveries at once, add them to a queue, prioritize them, even quit and re-launch – DigiDelivery will pick up exactly where you left off. In addition, you can name each delivery, add billing information, view a history of recent deliveries, and save login information for your frequently used accounts. DigiDelivery 2.0 supports Mac OS X, 9 and Windows XP/2000

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