DAD Introduces Thunder|Core Technology, New TB3 Interfaces

Digital Audio Denmark unveiled their new Thunder Core technology, the direct link between pristine DAD audio conversion, flexible routing and your audio computers.

With Thunder|Core, you can run up to 256 bidirectional channels at 48 kHz, 256 channels at 88.2/96 kHz, 128 channels at 176.4/192 kHz or 64 channels at 352.8/384 kHz. And you get control of the audio routing with the included DADman control software.

The Core Audio Thunder|Core driver for Apple Mac computers supports Intel as well as Silicon (M1) CPU processors with a buffer size of just 32 samples. Due to Windows OS limitations the minimum buffer size is 128 samples on Windows computers.

The Thunder|Core interface provides an incredibly fast Thunderbolt 3/PCIe connection with 2 samples latency on the connection and a total of 9 samples in the digital interface – including EQ and summing processing within the unit(!). 

The channel capacity is up to 256 audio channels at 48 and 96 kHz, and the latency at 96kHz is 95 microseconds. The total round-trip latency with an audio software application depends on the buffer size set for the application. With a  buffer size of 32 samples, the latency is 670 microseconds at 96 kHz.

Contact us for pricing and availability and register now to our Dolby Atmos Workshop to see the new DAD Thunder|Core and new Thunderbolt 3 interfaces in action. This is seriously hot stuff!