DAD AX32 Reviewed by Resolution Magazine

DAD_AX32_Test-ResolutionThe most flexible high-end I/O for Pro Tools HDX, MADI, AES3 and Dante just got a rave review in Resolution magazine.

“It all adds up to box that is rather more than the sum of its parts, and certainly moves way beyond the classical definition of an A-D/D-A convertor. I had it happily playing simultaneousply with Pro Tools HDX, MADI, AES3 and Dante and it worked flawlessly. Mic preamps are fuss free, quiet and open, and there’s a weight, clarity and detail to the D-A conversion that brings in mind high-end boxes from the likes of Lavry and Benchmark.”

Come and A/B listen to AX32 against other I/Os in our showroom and let us configure you an ultra-flexible I/O setup with ultimate sound quality and flexibility. And as an added bonus, save money and rackspace.

Resolution Magazine Review