DAD AX32 Dante/AES67 Card Coming Soon

We always saw DAD AX32 / Avid MTRX not as an I/O but as a platform. They are the heart of a modern ┬árecording studio, replacing tons of dedicated equipment like AD/DA, Pro Tools HDX I/O, MADI I/O, Dante I/O, Mic Pres, Monitor Controller, patchbay, you name it. Lately we have done many multi-studio installations for TV and radio with networked AX32s and MTRXs and they don’t only work like a charm, they also sound fantastic.

After the recently unveiled revolutionary SPQ Speaker Processing card DAD today announced another radical add-on for AX32, a Dante/AES67 expansion card with 128 channels, real time sample rate conversion per channel as well as redundant ports for maximum reliability. If you stuff an AX32 full with these cards and use the on-board 64ch Dante card, you end up with a 1088-channel box, adding extreme connectivity, perfect for complex, networked installations.

Contact us for more info on availability and pricing.