Crossgrade your old DAW to Pro Tools|HD and save money

Crossgrade_11.05Digidesign is enabling owners of select digital audio workstations to exchange up to Pro Tools|HD bundles that include SYNC I/O, DigiTranslator, and MachineControl. This DAW Hardware Exchange program offers a unique opportunity to upgrade to the power of Pro Tools|HD at a reduced price.

You can upgrade to a Pro Tools|HD 1, Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel, or Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel system. In addition, you’ll receive a SYNC I/O, MachineControl, DigiTranslator, and both the HDpack bundle of TDM plug-ins and the all-new Pro Tools Ignition Pack bundle of composition and production tools.

The following products qualify for exchange:Alesis ADAT HD-24, AKAI DD8, DD1000, DD1500, Augan OMX, OMX 24, DAR OMR8, FED Audio Solution, Mackie MDR24/96, Tascam MX2424, MMR-8, MMR-16.

This promotion ends 20th December 2005. Call or mail us for further details and turn that old piece of, eh, hardware into money 😉