Control and Expand Program:get a free PRE or 192 Digital I/O!

Contr.Exp.05– When you purchase either an 8 or 24 fader D-Command, you’ll get either PRE or 192 Digital I/O for free.

PRE (Fr. 3’490.- value) features eight discrete, matched-transistor, hybrid mic-preamp circuits, delivering a transparent signal path designed specifically for the Pro Tools|HD.

192 Digital I/O (Fr. 3’490.- value) is a high-definition audio interface offering 16 channels of AES/EBU, TDIF and ADAT I/O, along with stereo S/PDIF.

– When you buy a Control|24, you’ll receive a free 192 AD Expansion Card.

The 192 AD Expansion Card (Fr. 1’820.- value) provides eight more channels of high-definition analogue input for the 192 I/O audio interface.

Even if you upgrade form a pervious controller, you’re still eligible to receive the free peripheral! This promotion ends 20th December 2005. Call or mail us for further details.