Coming Soon To SEC Showroom – Barefoot MasterStacks

barefoot_masterstack_7.12We’re counting minutes until we can install our new mastering-level main monitoring system in the showroom: Barefoot MasterStacks.

The Barefoot MasterStack isn’t just another full-range speaker with a subwoofer. It employs Barefoot’s proprietary active crossover design to transparently meld this 3.5-way modular tower into one seamless unit with more than 1250 Watts of power. The four high-excursion 10” subwoofers work in unison to reproduce frequencies from 25Hz to 90Hz. All three 5” mid-bass drivers work in unison from 90Hz to 250Hz. Above 250Hz only the mid-bass drivers in the upper cabinet work together reproducing frequencies up 2500Hz, at which point the new, ultra-linear, wide dynamic range tweeter is engaged.

You’re extremely welcome for an A/B listening test with your favorite monitors, we’ll post a story here when the MasterStacks are up and running.