Colin Broad TMC-Series Now At SEC

TMC1_Desktop_S6_10.15Upgrading to S6 from ICON but need a proper remote control for your XMON with full feature set? Prefer all-in-one I/O solution from DAD with integrated monitoring and want to have a professional, programmable hardware controller? Getting a Trinnov D-Mon with integrated room calibration but want to use it with dedicated hardware?

We have a perfect solution for you; Colin Broad TMC-series hardware remote. It comes in several flavors depending if you need one for Avid XMON, DAD AX32 or Trinnov D-Mon, but the user interface is always the same. You can also choose if you prefer a desktop unit or a sink-in S6-module. TMC is a delightful box, solving age-old monitoring issues professionally. Programmable function keys, clever shortcuts and built-in LCD screen with metering make TMC fit perfectly in your own style of working.

We have been testing the S6 version in our showroom for few weeks and like it more every day. Matching precisely the size of a native S6 module, it fits in perfectly and acts seamlessly as a natural part of the console. Already used by Swiss Radio SRG, TMC-series will be a huge time saver in any studio looking for a truly professional and versatile monitoring solution.

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