Coffee Break Links

The views expressed in the links may not necessarily share the views of SEC or it’s employees, jada jada, blah blah. We hope nevertheless that some of it lightens up your coffee break and makes your long day in the studio slightly more enjoyable. Some material is not suitable for minors.


These Men Are Called Musicians 200x500 2

Check out the wicked solo
2020 the Game
What about the Conga?
We’ll buy you a beer if you can watch this through


Sound Mixer’s Story

Harmonized Futbol

Finnish Hillbilly Thunder
Classic Thunder
Stayin’ in Black
Classic sales vs. experts
How To Master Your Track In Minutes – no need for expensive mastering engineer
Can I have my spider back?
Sad But Superstitious – freakin’ genius
SNL 3-Way (The Golden Rule) – they did it again, this time with Lady Gaga
Unbeatable career advice (thx 2 The Wolfe)
Cool chicks with hot & weird keyboards jamming Mike Oldfield
Dude has wider vocal range than Freddie Mercury or Ivan Rebroff
What a Wonderful World Of Death Metal
Tasty album covers from the past
What’s With Protools HD anyway? – Informative guide to choosing your DAW
The A & R Guy – Want to get a remix job? Here’s how you do it
Truth in Advertising, extremely accurate short documentary- classic
This beats Swiss Cheese
Studio owner? Does this sound familiar as well? Or just wicked and creative?
Studio owner? Does this sound familiar?
Rock! Eh, who set the master clock to 48kHz?
The World of Fartcraft faces legal issues
SNL Motherlover – 2nd best idea, perfect Mother’s day gift, feat. J Timberlake, Susan Sarandon
SNL C*ck In A Box – Best gift ever for your girlfriend, feat. Justin Timberlake
P.I.S.S: I will Never Go To School – spectacular lipsyncing, powerful sound
We Didn’t Start the Flame War
Facebook Manners And You
10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores
Rex The Dog ‘Bubblicious’
The Sound of Recession
Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of S*** That Doesn’t F***ing Work
Enter Songsmith – The Genius of Microsoft Songsmith
Balloons Get It On
Sanoma Muppets
Der Untergang subtitler gets a cheap font CD
Rap Battle Gone Bad Translated – Staff Favorite
I Will Survive – Staff Favorite
White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner – Colbert roasts Bush – Classic
Big Ass Table
Science vs. Faith
Get a Mac

Music We Like

Snarky Puppy feat. Shayna Steele – Gone Under (Family Dinner – Volume One)
September by Pompaloose
Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at the El Mocambo 1983
Lindellandia – Kesä, golf ja kaverit (incidentally mixed by Tarmo)