But What Does Trinnov Actually Do?

Trinnov_4.16We get that question a lot but rather than write a novel about all its features, we let Trinnov’s UK distributor Paul Mortimer do the hard work. In the 3-part video series it gets clear why Trinnov is the only room correction system that actually works, fixing not only EQ but timing, phase, positioning, direct vs. room signal balance, etc.

Part 1 introduces the basics, Part 2 digs a bit deeper, and Part 3 is about the results after optimizing the 5.1 mixing room. It’s fun to see the enthusiasm on the last video after the guys heard the results for the first time. We’re used to see jaws dropping so we were not really surprised though… The afterward no-nosense discussion brings to light many things people say after upgrading their studio to Trinnov; It’s radically easier and faster to track and mix and the results translate extremely well to any listening environment.

Obviously the final judge must be your ears so book a demo now and hear Trinnov in your own room. Contact us for an appointment.