Basel City Studios:Two new Digidesign Pro Tools HD|3 Systems at work

BCS_news.1SEC recently installed two Digidesign Pro Tools HD|3 systems for Basel City Studios.

Both systems have identical software and plug-ins so projects can switch rooms without a hitch. Studio 1 has 4 x 192 I/Os with additional AD and DA cards for total of 48ch/192KHz analog in/out. Studio 3 has 192 Digital I/O for 16ch digital in/out. Combined storage capacity is over 2TB (2000GB). Studio 1 has also Digidesign MIDI I/O and SYNC for syncing their VTRs, Studer and Otari 2″ machines.

The PowerMac Dual 2GHz G5s are loaded with 1.5GB RAM and plug-ins from Sony Oxford, Focusrite, Fairchild, Joe Meek, Waves (Platinum), Massenburg, Serato (Pitch’n’Time), Antares (AutoTune), Aphex, Trillium Lane Labs (TL Space), Line 6, Eventide, McDSP, SoundToys, Digidesign etc.
SEC did the installation as turnkey package. All equipment was pre-installed and tested at SEC which meant only one day downtime for Basel City Studios with additional day of training done by our trusted freelancer Justin Fraser. Justin is a Digidesign certified instructor in addition to his extensive career as sound engineer and Pro Tools operator (Trevor Horn, Seal, Art of Noise etc).

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