Barefoot MicroMain27 in SEC Showroom

Barefoot_MM27_7.09Do yourself a favour, don’t buy speakers before listening to Barefoots first.

We first heard Barefoot MicroMain 27s in a decent acoustic environment when demoing them to a multi-million selling artist and producer. They literally dropped the jaw of everybody in the room. When starting a r’n’b tune with super deep bass, everyone simultaneously looked down at the studio’s dual 15” subs and asked “who turned the subs on”? Nobody did. It was just the Barefoots with built-in dual aluminum subs. With 38 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 1.5 dB), -3 dB @ 33 Hz frequency response (in a nearfield!) and mindblowing power (they happily keep up with our wall-mounted Genelec 1038s), these active 3-way loudspeakers in a sealed enclosure sound like no speakers. They sound like the music is coming out of thin air, not from physical boxes.

Or like Butch Vig (U2, Nirvana, Garbage) says: “The MicroMain 27’s sound amazing! I feel like I’m listening to the music, not the speakers, and I can hear everything from top to bottom with incredible detail. There are no surprises when the mixes leave my studio, and they translate extremely well to the real world.”

If you think this is hype and/or we’re gone nuts, come and hear for yourself or let us bring them to your studio. Never had to take ’em back yet.

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