Barefoot Footprint02 now Available

The Barefoot Footprint02 is here and it’s as astonishing performer for its size and price as its bigger sister, Footprint01. Here’s a nifty comparison of both models.

Footprint01 and 02 sound extremely similar, with fast transients and super dry and powerful Barefoot low end. Perfect for modern productions where you need to hear the kick and bass clearly to get the max punch to your mixes.

Frequency response of Footprint02 comes surprisingly close to its larger sibling, offering 42Hz-45kHz (±3dB) compared to 36Hz-45kHz (±3dB) of Footprint01 so it definitely can fill a home studio control room and works great as a nearfield in a commercial facility.

Come over and hear both at SEC Showroom. Book a demo date and hear also Barefoot MM45, MM27Gen2, MM26 and MM12 and compare them to dozens of pro monitors from other manufacturers.