Avid Liberates HDX – Massive Price Drop

PTHDX_Oview_FeaturedImage4_Enlarge KopieBig Avid news from IBC Amsterdam: We can now offer all HDX and HD Native system parts as individual components so you can now build your dream system without the forced bundling which made buying a HDX or HDN system complicated and confusing.

There are also new upgrade paths which makes expanding your system easy and affordable. Examples: Running out of steam with HDN system? Just pop in a HDX card. Must do professional work on your laptop? Simply upgrade your Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD software.

And last but not least, HDX pricing has gotten way, way better.

Main news:
– HD software available separately from hardware ca. 2’500.-
– HDX and HDN cards and HDN Thunderbolt available without I/O
– Upgrade from Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD software now possible
– HD I/Os ca. 500.- less (our current summer specials are still way cheaper ;))
– HDX card now ca. 3’000.- (was 8’000.-)
– New HDX + HD software bundle (no I/O) for ca. 5’000.-
– Mandatory licensing for 3rd party MiniDigi Link I/Os as part of upgrade and support plan (over iLok), starting with Pro Tools 12.6, essentially making 3rd party I/Os officially compatible
– HD to HDX upgrades now with 3y upgrade and support plan (worth ca. extra 800.-)

All pricing is preliminary and without MwSt, we’ll have official pricing in few days.

We’ll be back in the office from IBC on Monday, give us a ring to go through the massive news. We’ll help you to find out how you can get the best out of the new pricing structure and individual parts when you buy a new system or upgrade your current rig.

We think this is a great move to make it easy and affordable to get the world’s standard high-end DAW. Talk soon!

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