Apple Reveals Long Rumored All-In-One Home Entertainment System

iMacFoodCenterOn April 1 2006, it’s 30th birthday, Apple Computer surprised experts by revealing the long rumored home entertainment system. Contrary to previous rumors, the new “Mac Complete” is not based on Mac Mini but leans heavily to vintage iMac G4 design which gives more room for the many added features. Amongst the surprisingly good computer specs (see listing below), the new Mac Complete truly offers the complete home entertainment system:Included is a grill/microwave oven, espresso machine (OEM Cimbali) and USB powered, removable cup heater. Hook this up to your plasma, throw in the microwave popcorn and your Friday evening is saved.

– Intel Core Trio at 3GHz
– 2GM RAM (Max 8GB)
– 15″ 1024×768 touch screen display
– 64xCD/24xDVD-DL (optional BlueRay)
– 500GB HDD
– DVI and HDMA for separate HDTV output, VGA adapter
– Dual digital cable/DVB-T/S, and HDTV tuners
– Analog and digital (optical) audio
– HDTV iSight webcam (720p)
– OneSource 7.1 Dolby/DTS surround
– Gigabit Ethernet, AirPort (802.11g), Bluetooth
– FireWire1600, USB3
– One year free .Mac subscription
– MultiPassTen for 10 feature film downloads for iTunes Video Shop