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Barefoot Footprint02 now Available

The Barefoot Footprint02 is here and it’s as astonishing performer for its size and price as its bigger sister, Footprint01. Here’s a nifty comparison of both models.

Footprint01 and 02 sound extremely similar, with fast transients and super dry and powerful Barefoot low end. Perfect for modern productions where you need to hear the kick and bass clearly to get the max punch to your mixes.

Frequency response of Footprint02 comes surprisingly close to its larger sibling, offering 42Hz-45kHz (±3dB) compared to 36Hz-45kHz (±3dB) of Footprint01 so it definitely can fill a home studio control room and works great as a nearfield in a commercial facility.

Come over and hear both at SEC Showroom. Book a demo date and hear also Barefoot MM45, MM27Gen2, MM26 and MM12 and compare them to dozens of pro monitors from other manufacturers.

Financial Corona Compensation

Many of you, our customers, are independent composers, musicians, producers, studios, etc. and the Covid 19 situation has been an incredible hit to your business. Please note that you can apply for compensation herehere and here, depending on what you do. Here’s a quick overview from SMECA to help finding out the correct help program for you. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

We hope this helps at least a little bit to get through these crazy times. This too shall pass, stay healthy!

New Pro Tools 20.3 Now Available

The new Pro Tools 20.3’s main new feature is folder tracks. Folder tracks can perform a simple organizational function or can be part of your session routing infrastructure. Basic Folder Tracks are simply for organizational purposes and allow you to quickly collapse your tracks and tidy them out of the way. Routing Folders combine the organizational aspect of a Basic Folder with the ability to route audio through the folder as you would an Aux Input. Surf over to Avid Blogs for quick videos about Folder Tracks for both music and post production.

Pro Tools 20.3 also brings support for the new Mac Pro and deeper macOS Catalina (10.15.3) compatibility. It also runs on macOS macOS Mojave (10.14.6), and High Sierra (10.13.6) as well as Windows 10 64-bit build 1909. Check these links for Release Notes and System Requirements. Contact us if you have any questions.

Genelec Webinar – Immersive Audio Demystified

With the new generation of broadcasters producing an increasing amount of high quality content featuring immersive audio, it’s an exciting but sometimes challenging time for audio engineers.

In this G*Connect webinar 7.4.20, Eric Horstmann will walk you through the principles of immersive audio, discussing the major audio formats, their application in the real world, and what type of loudspeaker systems you’ll need to handle this type of content.

So whether you’re active in music, post production, broadcast or film – or are just curious to know more – then tune in for this useful and informative webinar, and bring your questions!

SEC Covid-19 Update – You Can Help As Well

We’re rocking as usual, obviously following government’s rules. Were open for business and can ship normally. The only things we can’t do at the moment are on-site installations and demos in the showroom. But the demo-free time has its upside as well, it gives us time to intergate more speakers than ever in the Swiss Wall Of Sound for your future enjoyment.

Also you can help to kill Coronavirus with practically zero effort, by simply donating computer power while taking a break. Use either Rosetta@home or Folding@home and let your computer help scientists to find the cure. Our Macs have been crunching already for over 10 years through every lunch and coffee break to help defeat malaria, HIV, cancer and many other diseases.

Stay healthy, hope to see you soon!


Made With Amphion Vol. 5

Why do so many of the best and brightest new artists, engineers and producers track and mix with Amphion? Because with Amphions a crappy mix sounds crappy and a good mix sounds good. You need to hear the difference to know what you’re doing. Listening to flattering speakers leads your mix to wrong paths. You need to hear the truth, not sloppy taps on the shoulder.

Justin Bieber’s new album “Changes” was mixed with Amphion Two18 by Josh Gudwin. Billie Eilish’s, James Bond theme track “No time to die” was also mixed with Amphion Two18+BaseOne25 by Rob Kinelski. Halseys “Manic” album was the first RIAA Certified Platinum album of this year and few songs of it were produced and mixed with Two18 by John Cunningham.

Check out the Made With Amphion Vol. 5 at Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz. And come to check out the speakers which helped to create these hits in our showroom. Contact us for a demo.

The New Media Composer Webinar

Join Avid Solution Specialist Michael Bleser for a free Webinar over Avid Media Composer, the high-end video editing standard.

In this Webinar Michael will go through the new Media Composer user interface, Next Gen Media Engine, Media Composer | Enterprise and Media Composer | Distributed Processing. You can also ask your own questions. The webinar is conducted live 18.3., 18:00-19:00 in German language.

Register here and get your MC knowledge up to date!

Ocean Way Audio at SEC

We’re very proud to announce that Ocean Way Audio from legendary Allen Sides has chosen SEC as their Swiss Partner. You can hear the brand new HR5 and S12A MkII sub already now in our Swiss Wall of Sound in Uznach and soon also at Klangschloss at Greifensee where we will share a room with Daniel Weiss from Weiss Engineering.

“If there’s anyone that knows how to build and get the most out of a set of monitors, it’s Allen Sides. These monitors will make you a better engineer.” – Bernie Grundman

“When you get serious about big monitors, these are the ones to get serious about”- George Massenburg

Contact us for a demo to hear Ocean Way speakers against a massive selection of proper studio monitors in our showroom.

We’re Hiring

Are you looking for new challenges? Do you have firm pro audio and IT background with sales and support experience?

If so, drop us a line, we’re hiring! We offer a chance to work with interesting projects and customers at the very high end of audio world.

Have a look at our website and Instagram feed and you get pretty good idea what we’re doing and who we are dealing with. Looking forward to see your CV!

Contact us here

New MTRX Studio Coming Soon

Today at here NAMM Avid unveiled the new Pro Tools MTRX Studio audio interface with extensive connectivity and myriad of features is a super compact package. 

MTRX Studio features 18 channels of DAD-designed analogue I/O including 2 Mic/Instrument preamps, 64 channels of Dante, 2 DigiLink ports for 64ch of Pro Tools Ultimate connectivity and 16 channels of ADAT I/O, as well as built-in SPQ speaker calibration, EUCON-enabled monitor controlling for cues and Dolby Atmos, 512×512 Matrix, ultra low latency, and much more.

This box is the perfect Swiss Army knife for many studios for which MTRX Studio’s big brother, Avid MTRX would be overkill. Check out the short video and stay tuned for availability which will be announced in the coming weeks.