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New SEC Swiss Pro Tools Backlit Keyboard

The new SEC Pro Tools Swiss USB keyboard is now available. The new backlit model brings smaller size for easier placement in a cramped studio and gorgeous, coloured keys for late those nite sessions. Drop us a line to order yours.

– Backlit keys
– Dimmable light with five selectable levels
– Built-in USB 3.0 port
– Scissor-switch keys
– Color-coded labelled shortcut keys with graphical commands
– Dimensions – 446mm x 150mm x 30mm
– Net weight – 950 grams
– Manufactured for 10.000.000 keystrokes per key
– USB cable with separate keyboard and hub connections

Pro Tools 2023.9 With Sketch

The new version brings many enhancements like a non-linear creation environment called Sketch, ability to export portions of the timeline as a new session, plug-in width filtering, drag-and-drop plug-in reordering, and many more bits and bobs.

Sketch is also available as free iPad app.

Dive into the all new features here.

Pro Tools Get Current -20%

Do you still have a perpetual (endless) Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD/Ultimate license and want to get the latest features like Aux I/O, Apple Silicon compatibility, Melodyne integration etc.? You’re in luck!

Until the end of September 2023 you can reinstate your perpetual license and upgrade your Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate 20% off the list price. Included is 1 year of updates and tech support from Avid.

If you’re currently on subscription but still have an old perpetual on your account, we highly recommend to reactivate the perpetual with the Get Current special -20% because renewing perpetual plan is always cheaper in the long run than a subscription. You can activate the code we send you anytime so you can wait until your subscription has ended. Contact us to order.


Amsterdam is calling again to the biggest broadcast exhibition on the planet and we’ll be there as usual.

If you’re coming as well to discover the latest and greatest in technology, give us a ring or drop us a mail to set up a meeting.

Heineken and coffee are on us! 

New DAD Software and Firmware

Version of DADman control software is now available, as well as updated Thunderbolt3 drivers for MacOS Core Audio and ASIO for Windows and a firmware update for DAD’s Thunder|Core series. The update will benefit all users of AX32, DX32, AX64, Core 256, AX Center, MTRX, MTRX Studio and now also MTRX II. The new versions bring very cool new features like cloning settings between units.

New firmware for AX64, AX Center, Core 256 and MTRX II also now supports DADLink which is a new proprietary technology by DAD with “zero” latency (approx. 1 micro second!) between the connected units meaning that all inputs and outputs are phase aligned.

Finally, the new Thunder|Core Thunderbolt 3 drivers for MacOS, and ASIO driver for Windows introduce a stand-alone configuration application.

More details here.


Microchip Crisis

Fires, earthquakes, trade wars, Covid, more fires…

Many of our brands have had massive problems to get parts for their products and although the situation is getting better, the problem is not solved yet.

Check out the video which goes through the myriad of issues that have been facing not only pro audio but many other industries as well.

SEC Avid ACSR Certification Update


In order to offer the best possible Avid support, we get trained every year by Avid. 

We’re happy to announce that Marc just refreshed Avid Pro Tools ACSR (Avid Certified Service Representative) after concluding the PT400 ACSR training and exam. Our Pro Tools instructor Alex is certified as Pro Tools 300-level Expert, S6 Expert, Pro Tools ACSR and now refreshed S6 ACSR as well.

So if you have questions, we have Avid-certified answers.

New Pro Tools 2023.6 With Many New Features

The new Pro Tools 2023.6 delivers Track Markers, additional Track Widths (up to 9.1.6 and 7th order Ambisonics), guided Device Setup, surround monitoring support for Pro Tools | Carbon, and more.

With new Track Markers, you can add detailed, color-coded comments to any track, making collaborative workflows easier. Track Markers created in Media Composer will also now translate to Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 2023.6 introduces new track widths to support more Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio production formats, such as MPEG-H. Pro Tools Studio will support track widths from 5.0.2–7.1.6, while Pro Tools Ultimate will support from 5.0.2–9.1.6 for better spatial accuracy and precision when mixing immersive content. The 2023.6 update also adds higher-order Ambisonics support to Pro Tools Ultimate (fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-order)—ideal for modern gaming engines and VR workflows.

The newly redesigned and improved Event Operations window makes working with MIDI easier. The UI layout and text labels have been tweaked to be more logical, intuitive, and consistent within and across all the processes. From quantizing and transposing notes to changing velocities, duration, and more, the intuitive new window layout provides fast access to fine-tune MIDI performances. Multiple processes can also be applied to MIDI notes much faster through multiple Apply buttons.

The new guided Device Setup improves the first launch experience so that users can start using Pro Tools quickly and without frustrations. Pro Tools will ask users to select an audio device at launch if it’s their first time launching the software or the previously used device is no longer available.

With Pro Tools 2023.6 you can generate higher quality audio masters with support for 96 kHz Dolby Atmos ADM import and export (Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate only) and Carbon users will be able to monitor audio in surround, opening up a whole new world of immersive mixing.

If you don’t have a current ProTools upgrade and Support plan, contact us for a “Get Current” reinstatement to be able to use all the cool new features.

Dolby Atmos Mixing Template

Check out this comprehensive video with loads of super clever tricks of how to set up a professional Mixing Template for Dolby Atmos mixing for music.

Alex Solano – aka Alex Pro Mix – is a certified Dolby Atmos mixer for Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group and in this video, he shares in detail how he sets up his template.

Alex is using an MTRX Studio and Avid Pro Tools, but as he points out, it works just the same way if you use Apple’s Logic Pro, Steinberg’s Nuendo or Cubase, etc.

And of course if you use DAD AX32, AX64, Core 256 or AX Center, the DADman setup is exactly the same as Alex demonstrates. When you’re done, check out the part 2.

And when you need gear to get your studio up to Atmos-land, contact us, we’re happy to help!

Rupert Neve Designs at SEC

We are thrilled to announce that Rupert Neve Designs has chosen SEC as their dealer. Based in Wimberley, Texas where Rupert moved back in 1994, RND continues Rupert’s legacy at the highest possible level, by a team of engineers educated by Rupert himself. This is a big day for us since Rupert Neve is arguably the most legendary single person in Pro Audio manufacturing.

RND’s products are not cheap copies or reverse-engineered wannabes of Rupert’s old designs, they are the real deal, built to last, often with enhancements provided by today’s advanced technologies.

In our showroom you can already have a listen to RND’s flagship channel strip/mic preamp Shelford Channel, flagship dynamics processor Portico II Master Buss Processor, simple and elegant 5211 2ch Mic Pre, and 5057 Orbit 16 to 2ch Summing Mixer. You can also check out our 500-series rack with 511 Mic Preamp, 535 Diode Bridge Compressor, 551 Inductor EQ, and 517 Mic Pre/DI/Compressor. All those and the superb RNDI DI box the can be listened through RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier paired with Audeze LCD-X or LCD MX-4.

At SEC we’re always looking for the best of the best solutions for our customers so we provide the whole Rupert Neve line including their large format console 5088.

Book a demo and hear the silky sound of Rupert Neve in our showroom. Let us get your sound to the next level with his legendary technology.