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New DAD AX Center

The new DAD AX Center is the new sweet-spot Thunderbolt audio interface that combines the best features of Core 256 and the flagship AX64. AX Center includes all the I/O and features of Core 265 (Thunderbolt 3, 256ch Dante, 64ch MADI, 2 x ADAT/SPDIF, 128ch SPQ, PRO|MON software) and adds two front panel Mic/Instrument/Line inputs as well as 2 headphone and 4 monitor outputs for total 8ch of D/A. The total round-trip latency with an audio software application will depend on the buffer size set for the application. With a  buffer size of 32 samples, the latency is 670 microseconds at 96 kHz. This thing is fast.

The real kicker is the possibility to install 2 AX32/64 compatible slot cards, enabling you to expand it with more analogue I/O, AES/EBU, SDI, 128ch MADI Optical or Coax, another 256ch of Dante with SRC, etc. You could for example add a 8ch Mic/Line card for total 10 analogue inputs and a 8ch D/A card for a full 7.1.4 Atmos monitoring, all with arguably the best AD/DA quality in the known universe. And if you need more I/O capacity and flexibility in the future, you can daisy-chain multiple units through Thunderbolt and control all units with DAD|MAN like they were one giant I/O.

Availability is extremely limited due to the continuing semiconductor shortage so drop your order now to be in the front of the cue. Contact us for pricing and details.

Pro Tools 2023.3 With Full Apple Silicon Support

The new Pro Tools 2023.3 will bring full native Apple silicon support for a big speed increase, launch the new Pro Tools | Sonic Drop content program, deliver the new Pro Tools | PlayCell virtual instrument, and more, including numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Pro Tools 2023.3 is an universal binary, running either natively or under Rosetta 2 on M1 and M2 Macs. Please note that some 3rd party plug-ins are not yet Apple silicon compatible (list here). D-Control, D-Command, C24 and Command 8 are not supported in Apple silicon native mode but do still run under Rosetta 2. OS compatibility info here.

Pro Tools 2023.3 is available for all Pro Tools customers on an active subscription or perpetual license with current a Software Updates + Support Plan, as well as all Pro Tools Intro users. Contact us for an upgrade if your don’t have an active plan or subscription.

Save The Date 4.5.23 – Genelec World Tour

We’re exited to host the Swiss date on Genelec’s 45y world tour featuring the complete The Ones series.

Eric Horstmann, the European Immersive Audio Guru will show you The Ones series 3-way coax design’s advantages to the soundfield and lead an Immersive Audio workshop.

For this occasion we will install a massive Atmos upgrade to our existing Genelec Atmos system. Stay tuned for more details and additional brands, save the date now and register here!

May the Fourth be with you!

EUCON 2022.12 Available

New EUCON version 2022.12 is now available. This release introduces several new features, including:

  • Plugin copy and paste, enabling you to easily copy plugin data between plugins
  • Custom Knob improvements with new primary and secondary knobs for all controls
  • Enhancements to Avid S1 Soft Keys, new S4/S6 automation, and more

To download the EUCON 2022.12 update, visit your Avid Account or Avid Link. For more details about what’s new, check out Avid’s blog.

Meet SEC at ISE Barcelona

ISE Barcelona is the premier event for AV and systems integration industry. Meet us there to discover the latest products and solutions, and how they can benefit your studio. We’ll introduce you to our suppliers so you get insider info directly from the source.

Schedule a meeting with us today, coffee and cerveza are on us!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for another passionate pro audio professional for our growing team. Do you have firm pro audio and IT background with sales, support and management experience? Are you looking for new challenges?

If so, drop us a line, we’re hiring! We offer a chance to work with interesting projects and customers at the very high end of music, broadcast and film post worlds.

Click here to contact us, looking 4ward to see your CV!

Avid in Stock

2022 was a very challenging year for Pro Audio manufacturers due to the horrific shortage of semiconductors. The problem is worldwide and has hit several other industries very badly as well, from cars to phones.

That’s why we’re extremely happy to report that we finally have Avid’s pro audio products available!

We have MTRX, MTRX Studio, Carbon, S6, S4, S1 and Dock in stock, ready to rock your studio installation or system upgrade. Also Sonnet xMac Studio chassis is now readily available and Apple has been delivering Mac Studios lately in increasing numbers so let us know when you want to make your move and pimp up your studio to the latest and greatest!


Pro Tools 2022.12 With Apple Silicon Public Beta

The new Pro Tools 2022.12 includes several new features such as macOS Ventura qualification, support for a new Scripting SDK, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements. It also gives users the opportunity to run Pro Tools natively on Apple M1 and M2 processors as part of a public beta. Avid is working hard to deliver a fully-qualified release in early 2023 for customers on active subscriptions and support contracts. 

Since this is Beta, we don’t recommend to run it in native mode on Apple silicon yet. Following stuff does not yet work in the public beta version:
• AIR plugins and instruments currently bundled with Pro Tools
• Not all third-party plugins are supported yet
• Cloud Collaboration and Projects
• ICON, C24, and Command 8 control surface support will not be ported to Apple silicon
• X-Form Audio Suite and algorithm in Elastic Audio
• ReWire support
• MP3 Export (Bounce and Export Clips as Files)
• AAC Import
• Score Editor
• Chord Extraction
• Full qualification on all systems/configurations

If there is specific functionality you require that is not yet implemented in the Apple silicon mode, full functionality will still be available in the Intel mode when running under Rosetta 2.

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Happy Holidays!

A big Thank You for all customers and suppliers for a super busy 2022! 

Like every year, instead of sending you postcards or fancy gifts, we donate part of our turnover as a Xmas present for kids around the world. For several years already, we support small projects run by people that we know:

Ghana – Chance For Children
Bolivia – Pro Huancarani 
India – GandhiCare

Already with a small sum you can change lives for better as well, just click the links for details.

Trinnov La Remote in Stock

After a long, long wait due to semiconductor availability issues, we’re very happy to announce that we have Trinnov’s hot new La Remote in stock. La Remote lets you control every function of your Trinnov Processor at the press of a button, whether you have an ST2 Pro a D-MON or an MC-Pro

La Remote features easy configuration via ‘drag n drop’ software, seven fully assignable buttons with unlimited number of layers and capability to save and recall an unlimited number of presets.

Interested? Check out short videos and rave reviews in trade press like Sound On Sound and Resolution to get to know La Remote better. If you are already one of our Trinnov customers, you can test La Remote for free! Simply give us a ring or drop us a line.