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Handmade quality from Finland, Amphion’s passive monitors have gained lots of momentum in a very short time for all the good reasons. Amphion’s state of the art acoustical engineering and time-tested manufacturing deliver exceptional tonal balance and clarity – even at low listening levels. Low crossover frequency and high precision driver integration of Amphion’s monitors interact seamlessly to provide accurate phase response and a realistic sound stage.

“When listening to the Amphions, one cannot help but notice the superb phase-alignment and imaging qualities. The depth and naturalness to these monitors is not something that I’ve come across before….The separation of elements is clearly defined on the Amphions. These speakers are fast — like really fast. The low end is punchy and tight, with plenty of detail. The top end is open and natural, also with plenty of detail, without being harsh or overly bright.” – Tape Op Magazine

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Founded by Igor Levin, the developer of the legendary AardSync, Antelope Audio makes first grade synchronisers and audio interfaces. Combining flexibility with straightforward handling, Antelope’s products offer perfect solutions for your sync and I/O needs up to atomic clock accuracy.

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Founded in 1985, Apogee initially made its name designing filters that solved many of the early problems associated with digital audio. Today, Apogee converters are still regarded among the best in the audio industry.

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Formed in 1974 by Billy Woodman to manufacture custom drive units for the professional sound industry, ATC has established a reputation for reference quality precision-made active monitors. All ATC products are built to provide nothing less than the best sound reproduction money can buy and to meet the challenge of the latest digital recording technology.

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Not so known in Europe, in America Audio-Technica mics have been standard in studios for ages. They still offer almost unbelievable price-to-performance ratio, beating established European mics costing many times more.

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Thomas Barefoot started his company in the early 2000′s with a clear mission: Design a speaker that could be used for multiple applications from mixing to mastering while delivering the highest sonic performance, all within the budget of any professional studio. Still hand-made in San Francisco, Barefoots are hard to get but worth the effort. You seriously need to hear Barefoots before buying loudspeakers. And now you can: Just contact us for a demo in your studio or in our showroom.

At the moment you can listen to MM12, MasterStacks, MM27 Gen2, MM26 and MM45s.

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The philosophy of DAD is to provide extreme audio quality at all sample rates and offer a product that can evolve and grow with the end user. The AX32 line is the result of an innovative development which provides major improvement in AD and DA conversion and signal capture utilizing top industry standards like sample rates to 384 kHz including DXD and DSD.

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Grace Design was established in 1994 and manufactures exceptionally engineered gear, built for absolutely transparent sound. Famous for their mic pres and monitor controllers, Grace Design is a household name in leading studios of the world. No distortion-glue here, just pure sound.

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Prod_Hardware_Lynx_LT-HD_02.09Formed in 1998 Lynx is focused on linking the professional audio world with computers by utilizing their many years of experience in both hardware design and device driver coding. This dual expertise results in reliable products with great specs, including stable and well-tested drivers.

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Neumann. What can we say. Nothing new, really. Still the standard against which all other microphones are compared to. Come and have a listen in our showroom. Below some highlights.

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Prod_Hardware_Prism_ADA8XR_03.09Since 1987, Prism Sound has been building absolute top notch ADDA converters. Also big in the test and measurement hardware, Prism Sound has a very deep knowledge of digital audio and is frequently hired by other audio manufacturers to help them realize hardware projects.

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Prod_Storage_Punchlight_UniversalStudioDisplayXT_06.08Real studios have real recording lights. Not only because it looks cool and professional but because it also creates a more relaxed and concentrated work atmosphere when everybody see immediately when the tape (well, disk) is rolling and punch in starts or ends.

Punchlight manufactures many different recording displays with MIDI or GPI interfaces. And if the models listed below are not enough, even custom graphics are possible.

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Sennheiser offers nowadays a huge product palette from traditional microphones to aviation and audiology products. We list here only few of our all-time favourites.

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Prod_Hardware_Smyth_A8_Front_5.10Smyth Research promotes and markets Dr. Stephen Smyth’s latest invention SVS – Smyth Virtual Surround. Dr. Stephen Smyth previously founded APT and developed the industry-changing APT-X100 codec which quickly became world standard for remote recording.
After leaving APT, he developed DTS which now can be found in every DVD and Blu-ray player.

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SSL revolutionised studio workflow back in the 80′s with the recallable large format mixing consoles. Today SSL offers wide range of pro audio products. Below few of the most interesting ones for Pro Tools users.

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With a history of audio innovation spanning over 80 years, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. No wonder Shure continues to set the worldwide industry standard for superior microphones and audio electronics.

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Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of our business. Our unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

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Trinnov is the worldwide standard brand for professional room optimization solutions. Only Trinnov’s unique approach with the 4-head 3D microphone guarantees an accurate, time- and phase-aligned measurement of the acoustic issues to be resolved. From fine-tuning a purpose-built mastering room to a crammed, acoustically challenged OB-van, Trinnov solves problems that no other device can touch.

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Earthworks28.3.2014The advanced circuitry and patented technologies found in Earthworks microphones deliver the purist and most honest reproduction of sound. Each microphone’s circuitry is extensively tested and hand selected to match its capsule, delivering the highest levels of clarity, nuance and realism to your sound. Extended frequency response, incredibly fast impulse response, near perfect polar pattern and pure signal path. These are all features found in every Earthworks microphone. When combined, the result is an uncolored high gain microphone with benchmark levels of clarity and resistance to feedback.

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DPA Microphones is commemorating 20 years of developing high-quality microphones for the pro audio industry. Founded in 1992 by Morten Stove and Ole Brosted Sorensen, two audio passionate former employees from the measurement company Brüel & Kjaer (B&K), DPA Microphones has always made it a point to create microphones of the highest possible quality. Today, the DPA Microphones line includes vocal, instrument and studio microphones, as well as broadcast and surround-sound microphones that can be found in venues throughout the world and in use by a plethora of famous artists.

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For more than 45 years, RTW from Cologne has accompanied the steady technological progress in the pro-audio industry with innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post-production, and quality control.

Whether audio metering, loudness metering, or signal monitoring, RTW’s state-of-the-art systems are the result of a future-oriented strategic approach that focuses on continuous development while putting maximum attention to reliability and protecting their clients investments.

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Universal Audio is a designer and manufacturer of audio signal processing hardware and software founded in 1958. The current incarnation of the company was re-established in 1999 by brothers Jim Putnam and Bill Putnam, Jr., sons of the original founder Bill Putnam. Universal Audio was merged with Kind of Loud Technologies in order to achieve two goals: “reproduce classic analog recording equipment designed by their father and his colleagues” and “research and design new recording tools in the spirit of vintage analog technology”.

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Rosendahl Studiotechnik has been manufacturing sync devices for professional audio and video market Since 1999.

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Warm Audio creates modern reproductions of legendary studio classics without compromising quality and design parameters.  Warm Audio faithfully reproduces the circuitry, components and overall legacy of these vintage circuits, making it possible for more studios than ever to own legitimate versions of the most desirable studio equipment ever invented

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