iZotope RX7 Coming Soon

iZotope RX has been on the forefront of innovation in audio repair since it was first released in 2007. It has become an indispensable tool for post production audio editors and mixers, saving vast amounts of time and fixing problems that were impossible to solve just few short years ago. Using ultramodern techniques like machine learning, RX just keeps getting better. With RX 7, iZotope challenged themselves to fix the unfixable. Truly amazing stuff.

By ordering RX6 Elements, Standard, Advanced or Post Production Suite now you can upgrade to RX7 for free when it comes available.

What’s coming in RX7:

– Isolate or even remove vocals from a stereo mix
– Automatically remove noise, clipping, clicks, and more
– Reshape the intonation of dialogue to rescue or improve a performance
– Remix vocals, guitar, and bass from a stereo mix
– Tackle audio issues that appear with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2

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New Trinnov Processors with Dante, AES67 and Ravenna at IBC

Trinnov, the industry leaders in acoustic correction and immersive audio, is upgrading their MC and D-Mon product lines with AoIP (Audio over Internet Protocol) models. The new AES67 and Dante MC Processors both provide 64 input and output channels over the network with two dedicated network ports for redundancy. The AES67 model is based on Ravenna and is fully AES67 / SMPTE 2210-30 compatible (also with Dante in its AES67 compatible mode). The Dante models uses an Audinate board and also provides AES67 compatibility. Both products will be available to order next week at IBC.

In addition, Trinnov will also announce a new AoIP option for the D-MON series, available in Q4 2018.

Want to know what Trinnov can do for you? Check out the video interview with Hank Lindemann (The Eagles, Chicago, Diana Krall) of how Trinnov has become an integral part of his workflow.

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DAD AX32 Dante/AES67 Card Coming Soon

We always saw DAD AX32 / Avid MTRX not as an I/O but as a platform. They are the heart of a modern  recording studio, replacing tons of dedicated equipment like AD/DA, Pro Tools HDX I/O, MADI I/O, Dante I/O, Mic Pres, Monitor Controller, patchbay, you name it. Lately we have done many multi-studio installations for TV and radio with networked AX32s and MTRXs and they don’t only work like a charm, they also sound fantastic.

After the recently unveiled revolutionary SPQ Speaker Processing card DAD today announced another radical add-on for AX32, a Dante/AES67 expansion card with 128 channels, real time sample rate conversion per channel as well as redundant ports for maximum reliability. If you stuff an AX32 full with these cards and use the on-board 64ch Dante card, you end up with a 1088-channel box, adding extreme connectivity, perfect for complex, networked installations.

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Let’s Meet at IBC Amsterdam

We have attended IBC in Amsterdam approximately since the dawn of mankind and this year is no exception. Join us at the canals to check out the latest an greatest in broadcasting technology and meet the people behind the products. At IBC you’ll see the latest trends and get a feeling what’s coming to your studio in the near future. Click here for a free pass if you register before 24.8.

Contact us to set up an appointment, the Heineken is on us!

Coming Soon to SEC: Guzauski Swist Studio Monitors

We’re extremely happy to be chosen as the Swiss dealer for Guzauski Swist. Soon you’ll be able to hear Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories like it was meant to be heard when the Guzauski Swist GS-3a Studio Monitor System arrives in our showroom.

Manufactured to the specs of the legendary 9-times Grammy winner Mick Guzauski (Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, Daft Punk), these monitors combine the best features of renown brands and latest technical designs.

We’re working hard in our showroom to provide you a chance to discover the top, proper studio monitors under one roof near Zürich. More on that later.

In the mean time, book a demo slot in our showroom to hear these babies yourself!

Next Official Avid Courses for Pro Tools in October

We’re happy to announce the next official Avid 100-level Pro Tools course in October. These courses are the best way to learn Pro Tools and offer an intensive and fun learning experience, pimping up your skills to the next level. You will also be listed on Avid’s website as Avid Certified User for Pro Tools, helping with job opportunities.

When: 8-12. October 2018, Pro Tools 101 & 110

Location: SEC Showroom, 8730 Uznach

Instructor: Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-Level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative.

Price: Fr. 349.-/day incl. course material and lunch. Courses, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups small. Book ahead of time to guarantee your seat.

Early bird special: Book before 1.9.18 and pay only Fr. 299.-/day!

Reserve your seat here.

New MacBook Pro 2018 with up to 32GB RAM

Apple today updated MacBook Pro with faster performance and new pro features. The new MBP models with Touch Bar feature 8th-generation Intel Core processors, with 6-core on the 15-inch model for up to 70 percent faster performance and quad-core on the 13-inch model for up to two times faster performance — ideal for creating multi-track audio projects or doing advanced image processing or film editing.

Additional updates include support for up to 32GB of memory, a True Tone display and an improved third-generation keyboard for quieter typing.

Please note that this ultimate (pun intended) MacBook Pro for Pro Tools is not yet tested by Avid and testing usually takes few weeks. Contact us for details and ordering.

DAD SPQ Speaker Processing Card Now Shipping

DAD’s AX32 audio router and converter has offered expandability for handling advanced monitoring for years, but now with the new SPQ card, the system reaches a whole new level.

– DSP/FPGA Card for AX32
– Room Tuning with up to 16 Filters Per Channel
– Bass Management with Support for 8 Subs
– 1024 IIR Filters
– 128 channels @ 48 kHz, 96 kHz (64 ch), 192 kHz (32 ch) and 384 kHz (16 ch)
– Sample Rates from 44,1 to 384 kHz
– Adjustable Latency up to 800ms Per Channel
– Speaker Match Between Various Immersive Audio Formats

The DADman control software is also updated – to version 5.3 – which unlocks support for SPQ control, as well as adding a Sample Rate Converter on MADI inputs and Dante version 4.0 firmware with support for Dante Domain Manager.

More info here.

Trinnov D-Mon Update

Trinnov D-Mon got an update to version with many new features and bugfixes.

New features include boot level, boot mute, new speaker functions for solo, mute and noise, per channel speaker offset, dedicated AFL/PFL solo bus and a new mixbus mirroring feature which duplicates output of the listening source.

Bugfixes include CPU optimization for better 96kHz support, GPIO latency fix and better compatibility with Colin Broad TMC-1.

Registered userd can update their D-Mon at MyTrinnov website.

Sonnox Summer Sale – 50% Off

Until 3rd July 2018, we’re offering you a huge 50% off almost everything in Sonnox range. This promo runs only for a limited time, so please order now to profit from the deal. Remember; as there’s already a price reduction built into Sonnox bundle prices, you’ll now be saving even more.

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