Let’s Meet in Frankfurt

If you come to Frankfurt to see the latest and greatest in gear (and beer), give us a ring or drop us a line. We’d be happy to introduce you to the people who actually make the tools and toys you use every day. We’ll be around 5-6.4., Wednesday and Thursday – don’t hesitate to give us a call and demand a free beer.

Barefoot Footprint01 Arrived – And They Rock

We just got boxes full of sweet sound goodness from Portland. After quick listening it’s easy to understand what the hype is about – these babies are small but offer astonishingly balanced and deep sound with huge sweet spot. Especially considering the price and size, Footprint01 will change the game by making the non-compromising Barefoot sound available to anybody.

You should definitely have a listen to the Barefoot Footprint01s before you fork out your hard-earned money for new speakers. Contact us for a demo in our showroom or in your own studio.

Pro Tools Oscar Galore

Once again, Avid Pro Tools was the overwhelmingly preferred DAW for Oscar nominees this year. Best Sound Editing nominees Sylvain Bellemare for Arrival, Wylie Stateman for Deep Water Horizon, Robert Mackenzie and Andy Wright for Hacksaw Ridge and Tom Ozanich for Sully, and Best Sound Mixing nominees Kevin O’Connell for Hacksaw Ridge, and Stuart Wilson and Christopher Scarabosio for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story all used Avid Pro Tools, the industry’s foremost digital audio software to bring the sounds of their nominated films to life.

Sound mixer Kevin O’Connell, who won the award for Best Sound Mixing for his work on Hacksaw Ridge, said, “Despite shrinking post-production schedules and budgets, the demand for an Oscar-worthy soundtrack has never been greater. My Avid S3 control surface and Pro Tools help make that possible.”

All five nominated songs for Best Original Song were created using Pro Tools, including winner City of Stars (Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul), Audition (Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul), Can’t Stop the Feeling (Justin Timberlake, Max Martin Karl, Johan Schuster), The Empty Chair (J. Ralph and Sting) and How Far I’ll Go (Lin-Manuel Miranda).

Avid MTRX Has Arrived

Avid’s long-awaited, new flaghship audio I/O, the MTRX finally arrived at SEC today. Based on the revolutionary DAD AX32, MTRX delivers incredible sound quality with unparalleled flexibility, making it the ultimate centerpiece of a modern recording or post production studio.

With one 2RU device you do more than with a rack full of traditional I/Os and cover DigiLink, Dante, MADI Coax, MADI Optical, AES/EBU, SDI, DSD, and last but not least up to 384kHz analog I/O with pristine remote controllable Mic Pres. MTRX can clock to AES11, Word Clock as well as Blackburst and sports dual PSUs for high-level redundancy. A perfect companion to Avid S6, MTRX also comes with Pro | Mon 2 software pre-installed, enabling complex multichannel monitoring, remote controllable directly from S6 touch screen. In addition to its 1’500 x 1’500 matrix, Pro | Mon also provides a 256 x 32, 32-bit floating point summing mixer, enabling you to sum stems and sources to feed monitor outputs.

The modular design of MTRX lets you roll your own dream machine and upgrade its capabilities in the future. Additionally to the 16ch AES/EBU and 64ch BNC coax MADI on board, you can add up to eight of the following cards. Up to six of them can be analog converters for max. 48ch analog in or out.

– 8 Line Pristine AD Card – eight channels of line-level analog inputs

– 2 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card – two channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit, an ideal low-cost option for talkback and tracking

– 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card – 8 channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit

– 8 Pristine DA Card – 8 channels of line-level analog outputs with an output level control

– 8 AES3 I/O Card – 8 line AES3 inputs and outputs (16 channels), with built-in sample rate conversion

– Dual SDI/HD/3G Card – 2 x 16 channels of SDI/HD/3G connections (embed/de-embed) with built-in sample rate conversion

– 64-Channel IP Audio Dante Module – up to 64 channels of low-latency digital audio using Dante (64 channels at 44.1 kHz or 16 channels at 192 kHz)

– Dual MADI I/O Card – 128 channels of MADI inputs and outputs through two optical SFP ports

– MADI Module for Base Unit – an additional one or two 64-channel I/O coaxial or optical MADI module to the chassis

If there ever was a Swiss army knife for highest end professional audio, MTRX is it. Contact us for a demo, this is the future of audio interfaces.

Technical Update 23.2.17

– Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD 12.7.1 are now available for Mac 10.12.2 (Sierra), 10.11.6 (El Capitan), 10.10.5 (Yosemite), 10.9.5 (Mavericks), Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit, fixing long list of bugs. You’ll find the download on your Avid account as long as your upgrade and support plan is active. If your plan is expired or expiring soon, contact us for a special deal on renewal and reinstatement.

Pro Tools 12.7.1 release info

New Barefoot Footprint01 Coming Soon

The new, affordable Footprint01 is Barefoot Sound’s response to evolving modern workflows, making the company’s ultra-high performance technologies available to professionals working in home-based facilities, writing, editing or post production rooms. Considering that Footprint01 costs less than half of the “classic” Barefoot models, now independent composers, songwriters, musicians, beat-makers, post production specialists and others can benefit from the Barefoot sound, wherever they work.

The Footprint01 is an active 3-way speaker that shares the same Thomas Barefoot signature designs – Dual-Force technology opposing subwoofers, Dual Ring Radiator tweeter and Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation technology – as the MicroMain and MasterStack monitor lines. Footprint01 features dual opposing 8-inch subwoofers amped at 500W, and a 4-inch mid driver plus a 1-inch dual ring radiating tweeter, both sharing a 150W amp. All those components share a lineage with Barefoot’s other products providing extreme transient accuracy, wide sweet spot and flat frequency response. The impressive, 36Hz – 45kHz (±3dB) frequency response is even more astounding when you think that it’s coming from a tiny 35x26x34cm cabinet.

After introducing Footprint01 at NAMM, pre-orders went through the roof and manufacturing is struggling to fulfill the orders. We hope to get the first shipment in few weeks, stay tuned!

Contact us for a demo session

Pro Tools 12.7 Available

Avid just released Pro Tools 12.7 with new, mostly music production features including:
– Revision History directly in session file
– Soundbase for exploring loops
– 2GB of loops from Loopmasters
– Avid MTRX support
– Change fade shapes with keyboard shortcuts
– Export Clip Presets

12.7 is a free upgrade to all users with Pro Tools upgrade and support plan. Be sure to renew your plan before it expires by ordering the renewal code from us.


Thank You, Happy Holidays!

A big Thank You for all clients and suppliers for a super busy 2016! 

Like every year, instead of sending you postcards or fancy gifts (sorry for that), we donate part of our turnover as a Xmas present for kids around the world. For several years already, we support small projects run by people that we know:

Ghana – Chance For Children
Bolivia – Pro Huancarani 
India – GandhiCare

Already with a small sum you can change lives for better as well, just click the links for details. We also sponsor Musikverein Ernetschwil and youth choir Vollchorn for bringing life to the local communities and raising kids to love music.

SEC Office Closed 24.12.16 – 1.1.17

Our office is closed 24.12.16 – 1.1.17. Customers with support plans can use the designated support numbers in case of emergencies.

Renew Pro Tools Upgrade And Support Plan Now and Save Money

The cheapest way to get Pro Tools updates and bugfixes is to renew your Upgrade and Support plan in time. After your plan expires, you need to buy the much more expensive Reinstatement.

The good news is that even if your plan expired recently, there’s a 30-day grace period so you can still renew your plan for only Fr. 439.-, better than Avid’s online price. End of the year is a good time to control if your plan is still active as many plans expire this month so check it now to save money and keep your studio up to date.

Advantages of renewing Upgrade and Support Plan:
– Free upgrades and bugfixes for the next 12 months
– 25 plugins in worth of over Fr. 3’000.- incl. the superb Pro Series plug-ins for free in the plan
– Access to Avid support

How to check if your plan has expired
– Login to your Avid Master Account
– Find the “My Products” section in “My Products and Subscriptions” 
– Look for your Pro Tools HD license listing and click on it
– Check expiration date (see picture)

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