Pro Tools 12.7 Available

Avid just released Pro Tools 12.7 with new, mostly music production features including:
– Revision History directly in session file
– Soundbase for exploring loops
– 2GB of loops from Loopmasters
– Avid MTRX support
– Change fade shapes with keyboard shortcuts
– Export Clip Presets

12.7 is a free upgrade to all users with Pro Tools upgrade and support plan. Be sure to renew your plan before it expires by ordering the renewal code from us.


Thank You, Happy Holidays!

A big Thank You for all clients and suppliers for a super busy 2016! 

Like every year, instead of sending you postcards or fancy gifts (sorry for that), we donate part of our turnover as a Xmas present for kids around the world. For several years already, we support small projects run by people that we know:

Ghana – Chance For Children
Bolivia – Pro Huancarani 
India – GandhiCare

Already with a small sum you can change lives for better as well, just click the links for details. We also sponsor Musikverein Ernetschwil and youth choir Vollchorn for bringing life to the local communities and raising kids to love music.

SEC Office Closed 24.12.16 – 1.1.17

Our office is closed 24.12.16 – 1.1.17. Customers with support plans can use the designated support numbers in case of emergencies.

Renew Pro Tools Upgrade And Support Plan Now and Save Money

The cheapest way to get Pro Tools updates and bugfixes is to renew your Upgrade and Support plan in time. After your plan expires, you need to buy the much more expensive Reinstatement.

The good news is that even if your plan expired recently, there’s a 30-day grace period so you can still renew your plan for only Fr. 439.-, better than Avid’s online price. End of the year is a good time to control if your plan is still active as many plans expire this month so check it now to save money and keep your studio up to date.

Advantages of renewing Upgrade and Support Plan:
– Free upgrades and bugfixes for the next 12 months
– 25 plugins in worth of over Fr. 3’000.- incl. the superb Pro Series plug-ins for free in the plan
– Access to Avid support

How to check if your plan has expired
– Login to your Avid Master Account
– Find the “My Products” section in “My Products and Subscriptions” 
– Look for your Pro Tools HD license listing and click on it
– Check expiration date (see picture)

Contact us now to order

Technical Update 1.12.16

DigiTechUpdate_Wrench_80.jpg– Pro Tools 12.6.1 available for Mac OS X 10.9.x (“Mavericks”), Mac OS X 10.10.x (“Yosemite”), Mac OS X 10.11.x (“El Capitan”), and Mac OS X 10.12.x (“Sierra”) and Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), and Windows 10 (64-bit). Amongst many bug fixes like squashing the MIDI latency bug, Pro Tools 12.6.1 includes a new HD Driver that is adapted to the significant changes made in Mac OS starting with OS X 10.10. This new driver restores Core Audio support and is included with Pro Tools HD 12.6.1.

– If your upgrade and support plan is expiring soon, order a renewal today. We also have reinstatements in stock if you are still using an older Pro Tools version.

Documentation for all Pro Tools 12 releases incl. 12.6.1

S6 Upgrade Deal Extended

s6_m10_upgrade_q416Good news to all D-Command, C|24, Control|24 and Pro Control owners. Avid extended the upgrade deal until 20.12.16 meaning that we’ll be happy to give you Fr. 4’000.- for your old controller. This is a super opportunity to upgrade your studio to the modern world standard for music and post production. The upgrade comes even with the XMON cable kit, meaning you can still use your XMON which came with D-Command.

Contact us for details and detailed offers, we’re happy to walk you through the features and configurations.

Sonnox November Sale 50% Off

sonnox_nov-_saleThroughout November we’ll be offering 50% off almost all Sonnox stuff and because there’s already a discount built into the bundle prices, you could be making some positively huge savings.

Please note that Codec Toolbox, GML Option, upgrades, cross-grades or exchanges and well as Education deals are not included in the sale and qualifying plug-ins must be registered to a single iLok account.

Contact us for more info and pricing.

Technical Update 3.11.16 – Pro Tools 12.6

DigiTechUpdate_Wrench_80.jpg– Pro Tools 12.6 is now available for all customers with active upgrade plan, compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Yosemite 10.10.5 and Mavericks 10.9.5 as well as Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit.

 – Pro Tools HD 12.6 also requires a Pro Tools DigiLink I/O license to use any HD interface. If you have an active upgrade and support plan, you are covered. If you buy a new or used 3rd party I/O, you need to purchase the DigiLink I/O license separately. All Avid I/Os come with the license included.

– Please note that 12.6 is a full installer and comes with a new licensing structure (Pro Tools HD 12.6 software requires both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD iLok authorizations to run) which has been problematic for some early adopters. Therefore be very careful to read through the instructions in the link below.

– If you don’t have an active upgrade and support plan, we’re happy to provide you an offer to get you upgraded to 12.6.

Pro Tools 12.6 release info

Contact us for support and upgrade plan offer

New EUCON 3.5

eucon_3-5_10-16Long-awaited, unified EUCON version 3.5 is now available. This new version changes the way EUCON works and you can expect speed improvements of up to 50% with session load, layout recall and banking. With v.3.5, Avid has synchronized the software releases for all EUCON surfaces.

New features and fixes:
– Artist Series, Pro Tools | S3 and Dock: Fixed a crash in EuControl
– MC Pro/System 5-MC: PT12 compatibility
– Pro Tools | S6: Auto Expand, Auto Attention prefs, Auto Collapse Spill Zones, new Display Module pan graph graphics, Master Post and Joystick Module improvements, individual Module LED brightness settings, and improved custom network settings

Workstation Compatibility: Mac OS 10.10.3 or higher, including macOS Sierra 10.12, Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. Qualified EUCON media applications: Avid Pro Tools 12.6Avid Pro Tools | HD 12.6Apple Logic Pro XSteinberg Cubase 8.5Steinberg Nuendo 7.

Supported EuControl Control Surface Configurations:
– Pro Tools | Control + Pro Tools | Dock + Pro Tools | S3
– Pro Tools | Control + Pro Tools | Dock + Artist Mix (up to 4) + Artist Color

Very important: The EUCON performance improvements included in S6 v3.5 makes v3.5 and later versions incompatible with all previous versions of EUCON and EuControl. As a result, version 3.5 and future versions must not be run on the same network (subnet) as any previous EUCON Surface software. All devices on the network must be running the same version of EUCON/EuControl. Please uninstall or remove from the same network all previous S6, System 5 Hybrid, S5-MC/MCPro, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3, and Artist Series software. Be sure to update other EUCON software to v3.5 or higher before using EuControl v3.5 or higher. Also make sure that the firmware on the Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3 and Artist Series control surfaces are up to date. You’ll find EUCON 3.5 on your Avid master account.

EuControl 3.5 read me

Light & Sound – We’re Ready

sec_stand_luzern_2016aAfter weeks of planning, days of packing and way over 10 000 steps today while building the stand (mostly with something heavy in the hand or on the roller) we’re ready to rock tomorrow. On our stand at Light and Sound you can hear loads of great speakers and get to know top gear that makes your professional life easier and better sounding.

See you in Luzern!