Technical Update 13.3.18 – EUCON 18.3

EuControl/Workstation software version 18.3 (formally 3.8) for the S6, S3, Dock, Pro Tools|Control, and Artist Series is now available adding many cool features and fixing bugs.

Main New Features:
– New Unified Installer
– iPad Control App work with S6
– Load and Save As softkey Appsets
– Reverse Inserts and DYN knobs option on S3
– Improved knob responce for the Dock
– Add Auto Rec flashing light to Dock Fader
– Faster Layout recall speed on S6
– Parameter values on S6 expand faders
– Many bug fixes
– Multi Workstation Softkey Macros for S6 that enable instantaneous control over multiple DAW’s

Manny Marroquin, “All the things that I look for in a monitor”

Manny Marroquin (The Rolling Stones, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rihanna) is one of the hottest mixers on the planet with 40 number 1 hits and 100 Top Ten albums under his belt.

To deliver top quality results, Manny needs top quality gear. “I think the key is, the studio monitor. Does that monitor inspire you? Whatever I drive in to it, i gotta be able to get influenced with what comes out.”

Regarding Barefoots: “I just immediately fell in love with them because they were just powerful. They were punchy. They were musical. They were not too pretty, but yet not too raw. All the things that I look for in a monitor.”

Want to hear why Manny loves his Barefoots? Come to our showroom to check out our massive Barefoot Wall Of Sound. You can A/B Footprint01, MM45, MM27Gen2, MM26 and MM12 as well as our collection of other high-end studio monitors. Give us a ring, grab your favourite CDs, and let’s meet in Uznach.

And as Barefoot Sound likes to say: Hear What They Hear.

Technical Update 8.3.18

– Avid released Pro Tools 2018.3 update with several bugfixes. This update is free to Pro Tools customers with a current upgrade plan. Release notes here.

Avid Users Sweep Oscars

Avid Pro Tools and Media Composer continued to dominate film and audio editing at the 90th Oscars gala. Every nominee and award winner in the categories of film editing, sound editing, sound mixing, and original song score relied on Avid creative tools and workflow solutions to craft the most celebrated films of the year.

Sound mixers Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett were nominated for Sound Mixing for Blade Runner 2049. Said Bartlett, “Pro Tools is the foundation for everything we work on in post-production sound. It has given us the ability to do things with sound that we never even dreamed of in the past. The attention to detail and creative possibilities are endless.”

New: Swiss Pro Tools USB Keyboard

SEC proudly presents: Genuinely Swiss 🇨🇭 MacOS keyboard for Avid Pro Tools. Now you can have full control of Pro Tools and also get the track names right.

The keyboard has a built-in macOS chip for full macOS compatibility so there’s no need for drivers and tedious setup. Unlike Apple’s new keyboards, SEC Swiss Pro Tools USB Keyboard comes with 1.5m USB cable for maximum reliability – no issues with batteries or Bluetooth connectivity. It includes two USB 2 (100mA each) ports for additional USB gear and lift extenders in the back for higher typing angle if desired. 3 built-in LEDs indicate Caps Lock, fn Lock and Power.

Special launch price only Fr. 149.- incl. MwSt until end of March. Order yours now!

SEC Client Galleries Now in Instagram

We have the privilege to see and hear super cool studios all the time so even if we can’t share the sound, we want at least to share the pics of the places where people make the magic happen. That’s why our client galleries are now in Instagram for wider audience and easier updates.

Follow us in Insta for frequent new pics from our customer visits and send us pics from your place! We (and everybody else) want to see how you use the toys from us. 😉

DAD’s MOM Now Shipping

DAD’s revolutionary MOM is available at last, offering a completely scalable and easily programmable monitoring solution for broadcast, post and film workflows.

MOM is the perfect, tactile match for one or more DAD AX32, DX32R or Avid MTRX units equipped with the PRO|MON|3 software. It functions as a remote control connected via Ethernet, and the actual audio routing happens within the AX32, DX32R or MTRX. MOM also works seamlessly in parallel with Avid S6, S3, Dock and Pro Tools Control software.

MOM will give you everything you would expect from a first-grade hardware monitor controller:
– Large Top-Quality Rotary Knob
– Switching Between Different Sources
– Mute/Solo Individual Monitor Channels
– Talkback
– Dim
– Cut
– Reference Level
– Switching Between Different Monitor Configurations from Mono to Atmos(!)

Multiple MOMs can also be networked together, even controlling multiple control rooms.

Contact us or more info and availability.

New Pro Tools 2018.1

The new Pro Tools 2018.1 includes major improvements and new features for Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | HD, and will be available to new customers, current subscribers, and users with an active upgrade plan.

Pro Tools 2018.1 includes many customer wishes and offers many cool features especially for music users.

Main features:
– Retrospective MIDI Record: Capture MIDI performances when not recording
– MIDI Editing Enhancements: Arrow keys editing, transpose in-key, extract chords
– Track Presets: Browse presets with embedded media and build sessions on the fly
– Improved Import Session Data: New Track Data To Import dialog with presets*
– Playlist Comping Enhancements: Comp playlists in Waveform view, target playlist*
– Mix Window EQ Curves: Shows combined EQ effects inserted on a track
– Mixing UI Enhancements: Color indicators for Automation and Pre-Fader Sends
– “Start Collaboration” File Menu Item: Convert to project files and invite collaborators*
– iLok Cloud Support: Cloud licensing option available
– Site Licensing (coming soon): Administer Pro Tools across your enterprise, teams, or facility

*Not available in Pro Tools First.

Call or mail us for mor info.

New Avid Version Numbering

Sorry for the spoiler but no, Pro Tools 13 ain’t gonna happen. Or even 12.9. Avid recently changed the version numbering scheme to Year.Month.Bugfix. The latest Media Composer is already numbered 2018.1 and other Avid software will follow the new system soon.

If whole 4-digit (2018) year is not available in the OS, it will be cut down to the last 2 digits (18). Months with no software releases will be left out. For example, if the next Media Composer would be released in March (2018.3), there will be no MC 2018.2. If then March version gets a fast bug fix, it will be 2018.3.1.

Avid Pro Tools 12.8 Courses in March – With Early Bird Special

Next chance to get trained with the new Pro Tools 12.8 course is in March. In 5 information packed days you’ll become an Avid Certified Pro Tools User and discover cool ways to drastically speed up your workflow. SEC offers the only official, Avid-certified courses in Switzerland, filled with deep knowledge of the world’s standard DAW for professional audio production.

What: Pro Tools 101 (2 days) & 110 (3 days)

When: 5-9.3.

Where: Ecole de Musique Farkas, Route de Stadtberg, 1, CH-1700 Fribourg

Instructor: Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative.

Courses, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups small so book now to guarantee your seat.

Early Bird Special: Book before 15.2. and pay only Fr. 299.-/day instead for Fr. 349.- and save Fr. 250.-!