DAD SPQ Speaker Processing Card Now Shipping

DAD’s AX32 audio router and converter has offered expandability for handling advanced monitoring for years, but now with the new SPQ card, the system reaches a whole new level.

– DSP/FPGA Card for AX32
– Room Tuning with up to 16 Filters Per Channel
– Bass Management with Support for 8 Subs
– 1024 IIR Filters
– 128 channels @ 48 kHz, 96 kHz (64 ch), 192 kHz (32 ch) and 384 kHz (16 ch)
– Sample Rates from 44,1 to 384 kHz
– Adjustable Latency up to 800ms Per Channel
– Speaker Match Between Various Immersive Audio Formats

The DADman control software is also updated – to version 5.3 – which unlocks support for SPQ control, as well as adding a Sample Rate Converter on MADI inputs and Dante version 4.0 firmware with support for Dante Domain Manager.

More info here.

Trinnov D-Mon Update

Trinnov D-Mon got an update to version with many new features and bugfixes.

New features include boot level, boot mute, new speaker functions for solo, mute and noise, per channel speaker offset, dedicated AFL/PFL solo bus and a new mixbus mirroring feature which duplicates output of the listening source.

Bugfixes include CPU optimization for better 96kHz support, GPIO latency fix and better compatibility with Colin Broad TMC-1.

Registered userd can update their D-Mon at MyTrinnov website.

Sonnox Summer Sale – 50% Off

Until 3rd July 2018, we’re offering you a huge 50% off almost everything in Sonnox range. This promo runs only for a limited time, so please order now to profit from the deal. Remember; as there’s already a price reduction built into Sonnox bundle prices, you’ll now be saving even more.

Contact us for details and pricing

Upgrade Your ICON to S6

Got an ICON D-Control or D-Command? We hope it has served you well. In case you weren’t aware, Avid will no longer offer support or repairs for ICON after 31.8.18. While future versions of Pro Tools will still work with ICON for the foreseeable future, Avid does not plan on adding new features or functionality.

If you want to stay at the forefront of professional music and audio mixing, you can greatly expand your capabilities and opportunities with Pro Tools | S6. Even better, we offer a generous ICON trade-in program, so not only will you get better ergonomics, expanded DAW control, and surface customizability with S6, but great savings too.

Contact us for details and an offer.

Legendary Producers Share Their Experiences With AX32/MTRX

Al Schmitt, George Massenburg, Chuck Ainley, Frank Filipetti, Elliot Scheiner, Ed Cherney… They are the absolute top guys in the industry. And they love DAD AX32/Avid MTRX.

So then I thought, OK, what’s it like compared to the competition, and to me it’s basically the best converter I’ve ever heard!” – Chuck Ainley

“When we first put up the mic… It was SO clean. You know, I didn’t have to do anything. It was unbelievable. It sounded great!” – Elliot Scheiner

“It’s transparent. Totally like it’s not even there, and for me, that’s what I am always after.” – Frank Filipetti

“What I was hearing sounded great to me.” – Ed Cherney

“I like the mic pres. And I build mic pres! But really what I like the best about them is the connectivity. It’s a terrific tool, and I can’t think of anything that I’m missing!” – George Massenburg

Do you want to know why they love AX32/MTRX? Check the video, book a demo with us and hear for yourself.

iZotope RX Elements Included with Pro Tools and Media Composer

Free stuff! When you get on an active Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate, Media Composer, or Media Composer | Ultimate plan, you will receive iZotope’s RX Elements.

RX Elements includes four plug-ins that work within your favorite digital audio workstation or non-linear editor that address common audio problems in music and post production. Confidently tackle noise (like room noise, amp hiss, refrigerators and air conditioners), clipping (mic or guitar distortion), clicks (mouth clicks, vinyl, clicky bass lines), and hum (cycle hum and line noise).

This promotion will run through 7.5.18. If you are already an active user, RX Elements will appear in your My Avid account under the “My Products and Subscriptions” tab.

ATC now available at SEC

Founded 1974, British studio monitor manufacturer ATC has established an excellent reputation for reference quality precision-made active monitors. We’re very delighted to announce that SEC is now ATC’s partner for the Swiss market.
We think that ATC loudspeakers are the perfect choice for our professional customers who need sound clarity, quality and reliability of a top-noch product. Your studio monitor is the most important link in the production chain so it must be perfect for you and for the room.
Contact us now for a demo in our showroom where you can compare ATCs to other serious monitors from leading manufacturers.

Pro Tools HD is now Ultimate

Pro Tools HD software just got a new name, Pro Tools Ultimate.

This reflects the new naming of other Avid’s creative tools, Sibelius and Media Composer. All come now in three levels: First, “Normal” and Ultimate.

The new Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.4 comes now with access to Avid Complete Plugin Bundle which includes all Avid plug-ins except HEAT, Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro. Pro Tools MachineControl is now also included for all users with active upgrade plan.

Note that ‘Ultimate’ rebranding only applies to Pro Tools software, not to hardware.

Contact us for more details.

New Pro Tools Branding

Avid today released the new, improved packaging and branding of Pro Tools. Over the recent years all the upgrades, renewals, reinstatements, EDU versions etc. got so complicated that it was hard to know which product to choose.

Pro Tools First is targeted for new users who want to use many of the same tools used by their favorite artists and recording studios – for free. Pro Tools is the industry standard DAW for Music productions for advanced users. Pro Tools Ultimate serves the very top end of music and post production world.

On top of having three clear versions of Pro Tools for different needs, the license types are now color-coded: New perpetual licenses have purple stickers, subscription licenses blue, and software update and support plan renewals are marked grey.

Still confused? Give us a call, we’re glad to help.

SEC at Prolight & Sound Frankfurt

When the first bushes outside start to get green, it’s time to pack your bags and head to Frankfurt.

This year we’ll reveal some exciting brands that we’re going to represent. There will also be fresh spring winds from Avid.

Call us to meet, the beer is on us!