S6 Upgrade Deal Extended

s6_m10_upgrade_q416Good news to all D-Command, C|24, Control|24 and Pro Control owners. Avid extended the upgrade deal until 20.12.16 meaning that we’ll be happy to give you Fr. 4’000.- for your old controller. This is a super opportunity to upgrade your studio to the modern world standard for music and post production. The upgrade comes even with the XMON cable kit, meaning you can still use your XMON which came with D-Command.

Contact us for details and detailed offers, we’re happy to walk you through the features and configurations.

Sonnox November Sale 50% Off

sonnox_nov-_saleThroughout November we’ll be offering 50% off almost all Sonnox stuff and because there’s already a discount built into the bundle prices, you could be making some positively huge savings.

Please note that Codec Toolbox, GML Option, upgrades, cross-grades or exchanges and well as Education deals are not included in the sale and qualifying plug-ins must be registered to a single iLok account.

Contact us for more info and pricing.

Technical Update 3.11.16 – Pro Tools 12.6

DigiTechUpdate_Wrench_80.jpg– Pro Tools 12.6 is now available for all customers with active upgrade plan, compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Yosemite 10.10.5 and Mavericks 10.9.5 as well as Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit.

 – Pro Tools HD 12.6 also requires a Pro Tools DigiLink I/O license to use any HD interface. If you have an active upgrade and support plan, you are covered. If you buy a new or used 3rd party I/O, you need to purchase the DigiLink I/O license separately. All Avid I/Os come with the license included.

– Please note that 12.6 is a full installer and comes with a new licensing structure (Pro Tools HD 12.6 software requires both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD iLok authorizations to run) which has been problematic for some early adopters. Therefore be very careful to read through the instructions in the link below.

– If you don’t have an active upgrade and support plan, we’re happy to provide you an offer to get you upgraded to 12.6.

Pro Tools 12.6 release info

Contact us for support and upgrade plan offer

New EUCON 3.5

eucon_3-5_10-16Long-awaited, unified EUCON version 3.5 is now available. This new version changes the way EUCON works and you can expect speed improvements of up to 50% with session load, layout recall and banking. With v.3.5, Avid has synchronized the software releases for all EUCON surfaces.

New features and fixes:
– Artist Series, Pro Tools | S3 and Dock: Fixed a crash in EuControl
– MC Pro/System 5-MC: PT12 compatibility
– Pro Tools | S6: Auto Expand, Auto Attention prefs, Auto Collapse Spill Zones, new Display Module pan graph graphics, Master Post and Joystick Module improvements, individual Module LED brightness settings, and improved custom network settings

Workstation Compatibility: Mac OS 10.10.3 or higher, including macOS Sierra 10.12, Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. Qualified EUCON media applications: Avid Pro Tools 12.6Avid Pro Tools | HD 12.6Apple Logic Pro XSteinberg Cubase 8.5Steinberg Nuendo 7.

Supported EuControl Control Surface Configurations:
– Pro Tools | Control + Pro Tools | Dock + Pro Tools | S3
– Pro Tools | Control + Pro Tools | Dock + Artist Mix (up to 4) + Artist Color

Very important: The EUCON performance improvements included in S6 v3.5 makes v3.5 and later versions incompatible with all previous versions of EUCON and EuControl. As a result, version 3.5 and future versions must not be run on the same network (subnet) as any previous EUCON Surface software. All devices on the network must be running the same version of EUCON/EuControl. Please uninstall or remove from the same network all previous S6, System 5 Hybrid, S5-MC/MCPro, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3, and Artist Series software. Be sure to update other EUCON software to v3.5 or higher before using EuControl v3.5 or higher. Also make sure that the firmware on the Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | S3 and Artist Series control surfaces are up to date. You’ll find EUCON 3.5 on your Avid master account.

EuControl 3.5 read me

Light & Sound – We’re Ready

sec_stand_luzern_2016aAfter weeks of planning, days of packing and way over 10 000 steps today while building the stand (mostly with something heavy in the hand or on the roller) we’re ready to rock tomorrow. On our stand at Light and Sound you can hear loads of great speakers and get to know top gear that makes your professional life easier and better sounding.

See you in Luzern!

New Avid Pro Tools | MTRX I/O

avidmtrx_9-16In our opinion DAD AX32 is the absolutely best I/O for Pro Tools HDX and we’re glad that Avid shares our feelings. The new Avid Pro Tools | MTRX is basically DAD AX32 with a new faceplate plus few cool features built in off the bat for Pro Tools HDX and HDN users. Like AX32, already the base unit includes 16ch AES/EBU, 64ch MADI and dual DigiLink mini for 64ch of Pro Tools HDX or HDN connectivity but on top of that, it also includes dual PSU and ProMon monitoring software already included.

With Pro Tools | MTRX, you can:

– Gain extended monitor control and flexible routing with S6, S3, and other EUCON surfaces
– Use the converter as a high-performance 64-channel Pro Tools | HD interface
– Connect and route the entire studio through AES3, MADI, Dante, and/or SDI I/O*
– Add high-quality mic preamps as an option and remotely control them from Pro Tools
– Customize MTRX through eight available 8-channel card slots
– Keep everything in sync through Word Clock, AES11, Video, and all digital I/O
– Get automatic sample rate conversion on inputs
– And much more…

* Optical MADI, Dante, and SDI I/O option cards sold separately

MTRX will be available before the end of the year. Please mail or call us for more detailed information.

C U at Luzern Light & Sound

lightandsound2016bIt’s time to meet again at Luzern Light & Sound Show, the only pro audio exhibition in Switzerland. This year we’ll have lots of cools stuff and brand new gear never seen or heard in Switzerland.

On our stand C 1055 you can not only drink decent coffee but also get a hands-on experience with

– Pro Tools HD 12.6 software
– Avid’s S6, S3 and Dock controllers
– DAD AX32 I/O with ProMon monitor controlling
– Colin Broad TMC-1 monitor remote
– Trinnov MC room correction
– Trinnov D-Mon room correction incl. monitor controller
– Grace Design m108 mic pre (Swiss premiere)
– Sonnox Envolution envelope shaper plug-in
– Amphion Two18 with Amp500, Amphion One18 with Amp500 [UPDATE]
– Barefoot MM45, MM27 and MM26 (Swiss premiere)
– PSI AVAA Active Bass Trap [UPDATE]
– Much more

We would like to invite you to the show so drop us a line and we’ll send you a ticket for free. Pls note that we got only limited batch of tickets so contact us now to get a free entry!

SEC Light & Sound page with links, videos, etc.

Sonnox Bundles 50% Off

sonnox_50off_dealer_9-16The weather is cooling but to counter the cold, we warm up your studio by offering all Sonnox Bundles at a crazy 50% discount until 5.10.16. This special is not available online at Sonnox own webshop, it’s for loyal dealers only, so drop us a line and let us know us which bundle you prefer. We’re happy to guide you through the various bundles and find out the best kit for you.

Sonnox plugs are the must-haves of the masters, they are indispensable tools for professional music- or postproduction so don’t miss the opportunity.

Order now

New Pro Tools 12.6 With Clip Effects, Audio Layers

protools_12-6_9-16We just saw the brand new Pro Tools 12.6 at IBC Amsterdam and must say it’s pretty cool. 12.6 introduces many long-time user requests and opens completely new workflows to speed up your every day tasks in a major way.

What’s new in Pro Tools 12.6:

– Clip Effects: With Clip Effects (Pro Tools HD only), you can apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group on your timeline, enabling you to have different settings across multiple clips on a track. This gives you more precision when working with multiple clips of related audio, such as dialog or voiceovers.

– Re-record in the box (Pro Tools HDX only)
: Achieve click-free pristine punch-ins with single-system post re-recorder workflows “in the box” right inside of Pro Tools HD. Using Pro Tools HDX and any punch mode, the system calibrates and time aligns your stems so there’s no latency or audio artifacts when punching in and out of tracks or switching inputs. Both in the actual recording and what you hear live in real time.

– Audio Layers: Edit audio layers, playlists and fades more easily. 
With new enhancements to the way Pro Tools handles overlapping clips, editing audio is easier than ever. Automatically create new playlists for overlapping clips. Then switch between multiple playlists with new key commands. And quickly adjust a fade shapes directly in the Edit window using the Smart Tool.

Pro Tools 12.6 will be available late September.

Contact us for more details

Avid Liberates HDX – Massive Price Drop

PTHDX_Oview_FeaturedImage4_Enlarge KopieBig Avid news from IBC Amsterdam: We can now offer all HDX and HD Native system parts as individual components so you can now build your dream system without the forced bundling which made buying a HDX or HDN system complicated and confusing.

There are also new upgrade paths which makes expanding your system easy and affordable. Examples: Running out of steam with HDN system? Just pop in a HDX card. Must do professional work on your laptop? Simply upgrade your Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD software.

And last but not least, HDX pricing has gotten way, way better.

Main news:
– HD software available separately from hardware ca. 2’500.-
– HDX and HDN cards and HDN Thunderbolt available without I/O
– Upgrade from Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD software now possible
– HD I/Os ca. 500.- less (our current summer specials are still way cheaper ;))
– HDX card now ca. 3’000.- (was 8’000.-)
– New HDX + HD software bundle (no I/O) for ca. 5’000.-
– Mandatory licensing for 3rd party MiniDigi Link I/Os as part of upgrade and support plan (over iLok), starting with Pro Tools 12.6, essentially making 3rd party I/Os officially compatible
– HD to HDX upgrades now with 3y upgrade and support plan (worth ca. extra 800.-)

All pricing is preliminary and without MwSt, we’ll have official pricing in few days.

We’ll be back in the office from IBC on Monday, give us a ring to go through the massive news. We’ll help you to find out how you can get the best out of the new pricing structure and individual parts when you buy a new system or upgrade your current rig.

We think this is a great move to make it easy and affordable to get the world’s standard high-end DAW. Talk soon!

Drop a mail or call us