Next Official Avid Pro Tools 12 Courses in November

Next chance to get trained with an official Avid Pro Tools course is in November. In only 5 days you’ll discover loads of features and learn ways to drastically speed up your workflow.

We’ve had people working with Pro Tools daily for 20 years coming out stunned from the course with all the new stuff they learned. All attendees who pass the end exam will be listed on Avid’s website which helps especially freelancers to get jobs.

What: Pro Tools 101 (2 days) & 110 (3 days incl. exam)

When: 20-24. October

Where: Ecole de Musique Farkas, Route de Stadtberg, 1, CH-1700 Fribourg

Instructor: Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative.

Courses are delivered in French and English, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups small so book now to guarantee your seat.

Avid Dolby Atmos Workshop 10-11 October

Welcome to our showroom in Uznach 10-11. October to discover the new Dolby Atmos workflow with Pro Tools HDX and S6. Avid’s S6 specialist Eric Horstmann will guide you through the hands-on workshops.

We will also have Jan Lykke form DAD, Lars Kischkel from iZotope and Josep M. Solà from Sonnox to show their latest products so there’s much more to see and hear. Be sure to reserve enough time to check out also the latest gear from Amphion, Avid, Barefoot, Genelec, Trinnov and Warm Audio.

We’ll offer 10% discount for all attendees on many brands and products so don’t miss the savings.

Space is very limited so mail or call us today. We will then contact you to book a slot for you or your team.

Hope to see you soon in Uznach!

Meet us at IBC Amsterdam

September is here which means that broadcast and media professionals are heading to IBC, Amsterdam to find out which direction the industry is moving. SEC will be there as always so drop us a line for a quick meeting. Coffee and and occasional Heineken are on us.

Technical Update 23.8.17

– Avid released 12.8.1 for Pro Tools. It fixes issues related to Cloud Services and plug-in and stability improvements. This update is free to Pro Tools customers with a current upgrade plan. Check the linked list for fixed bugs.

Pro Tools 12.8.1 release notes

Next Official Avid Courses for Pro Tools 12 in September

This September we’ll offer the next round of official Avid Pro Tools 12 courses – a great chance to discover an incredible amount of Pro Tools knowledge in a tight two weekend package.

Courses are delivered in French and English, books and the certification exams are in English.

– 23.-24.9.17: Pro Tools 101 – Fundamentals I

– 29.9.-1.10.17: Pro Tools 110 – Fundamentals II

Location: Ecole de Musique Farkas, Route de Stadtberg, 1, CH-1700 Fribourg

Instructor: Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative.

Price: Fr. 299.-/day incl. course material and lunch.

Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups small. Book now to guarantee your seat.

New Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

There are many scenarios in mixing and mastering where EQ is required, but where the application of static EQ will result in too much or too little change as the signal varies over time. Or, a signal may require compression/expansion in some frequency ranges more than others.

Multi-band compression (MBC) is a common solution but MBC provides little flexibility over the shape of the processed band and can suffer from static phase distortion. Linear phase MBC requires high processing latency and can exhibit detrimental low frequency artefacts.

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ solves all these problems, and enables styles of processing and problem solving which are impossible with a conventional EQ or MBC. All accomplished with hallmark Sonnox precision, transparency and musicality. 

– 5 bands of ‘R3 Type 3’ proportional-Q dynamic equalisation with optional shelf type
– All bands can overlap fluidly without the static phase distortion or low frequency artefacts associated with multi-band compressors
– Each band can process and/or detect from mono, stereo, mid or side channels
– Flexible per-band internal/external side chain controls
– Allows up/down compression and up/down expansion
– Unique onset detection option for very precise transient processing
– A clear and informative GUI simplifies the often complex workflows associated with multi-band dynamic plug-in
– An easy workflow for both mixing and mastering

Contact us for more info.

Antelope Goliath HD Shipping Now

Antelope just released their new flagship audio interface which offers truly stunning connectivity, flexibility, and technical specs.

Sporting 64 channels of Mini-DigiLink connectivity for Pro Tools HDX and HD Native, Goliath HD comes with Thunderbolt 2, USB 3, MADI, AES/EBU, ADAT, SPDIF, analog line in/out, 4 Hi-Z inputs, 2 ReAmp outs and 16ch of Mic Pres. Basically this box has everything except the kitchen sink and espresso machine.

Also included are FPGA based plug-ins which can be used for tracking and mixing, configuration software running on DAW host machine, wireless app for remote control and touch screen for intuitive user interface.

Analog Inputs
– 2 DB25 (16 channels total)
– 16 Mic / Line on XLR combos
– 4 Hi-Z 1/4″” TRS
– 2 Inserts on 1/4″ TRS

Analog Outputs
– 4 DB25 (32 channels total)
– 1 Stereo pair of Monitor outs on 1/4″” TRS
– 2 Stereo Headphone outs on 1/4″” TRS
– 2 ReAmp outs on 1/4” TRS

D/A Monitor ConverterDynamic Range: 132dBTHD + N: -108dB
A/D Converter Dynamic Range: 124 dBTHD + N: -112 dB
D/A Converters Dynamic Range: 129 dBTHD + N: -120 dB
Mic Preamps Gain: 0,10 – 65 dBTHD + N: -112 dB

Digital I/O
– 2 ADAT (up to 16 channels)
– 1 S/PDIF
– 1 AES/EBU (8 channels)
– 2 MADI
– USB 3.0 Super-Speed, Type B connector
– Thunderbolt Gen2
– 2 Mini-DigiLink connectors for direct Pro Tools HDX/HDN connection, 32 Channels I/O each (total of 64 channels)

– 1 Word Clock in, 2 Word Clock out
– 1 Atomic Clock Input
– 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking64-bit DDSOven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Contact us for more info.

New Pro Tools 12.8 Available

The new Pro tools 12.8 brings many enhancements, most interesting being native Dolby Atmos workflow. We saw it at AES Berlin and it’s truly both easy to use and very flexible. Pro Tools 12.8 is coupled with upgrades to S6 v3.6.1 and System 5 v6.1.0. Pro tools 12.8 is a free upgrade to all users with active upgrade plan, you’ll find the download link from you Avid account.

Main features:
– Native Dolby Atmos mixing (Pro Tools | HD) – create stunning immersive mixes with the slickest Dolby Atmos workflows. Work with Atmos 7.1.2 stems, native object panning, integrated Avid control surfaces, and more.
– Now you can work with up to 10 collaborators in the cloud on a single project, including Pro Tools | First users.
– Avid NEXIS support (Pro Tools | HD). Instantly gain new collaborative workflows. And sharply decrease content turnaround time with this powerful shared storage solution.

Contact us for more details

New AKA Design Custom Desks for Avid S6

Since Avid S6 was introduced, AKA Design has built over 100 desks for it, including numerous custom solutions. Available in various styles and finishes, AKA desks can transform your studio’s looks to the next level.

Check out the linked catalog for inspiration and let us know which styles would suite your working space.

AKA Avid S6 and S3 Catalogue 2017/18


Logickeyboard Now Available At SEC

We’re very happy to announce that we just added Logickeyboard’s super practical keyboards and skins to our product palette. 

Logickeyboard manufactures custom keyboards for dozens of video editing, audio editing, visual effects, 2D/3D/motion graphics, photo finishing, character generation, coloring, stage lighting, and assistive applications. Their keyboards and skins are functional, stylish, and built for maximum efficiency in Denmark.

Check out the new übercool backlit Pro Tools keyboard in our showroom. Absolutely perfect for low-light post pro work.

Need more info? Contact us here.