Pro Tools Holiday Special

As a special offer for loyal customers, you now get the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle for free for one year when you renew or reinstate your Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD before the end of 2017. After renewing or reinstating, simply check your “Products not yet downloaded” section of your My Avid accounts.

The Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle includes classic compressors, EQs, virtual instrumentsstudio-staple effectslegendary stompboxespowerful reverbsworld’s greatest guitar amps and much much more. In addition, customers with Pro Tools or Pro Tools HD active plans will receive gifts from Pro Sound Effects and Tracktion: Pro Sound Effects First Library containing 350 sound effects and Tracktion’s new virtual synth instrument BioTek.

Please note that Avid HEAT and Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro are not included in the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle. Offer is not for EDU, institutions or Pro Tools First customers or new subscriptions or subscription renewals.

Contact us to order your renewal or reinstatement, we always do a special deals for our customers.

Avid Artist Mix + Pro Tools Dock Bundle Special

With Artist Mix, you get eight faders, knobs, transport controls, and dedicated switches that provide precision control over your favorite EUCON-enabled audio and video applications. 

Plus, you can pair it with the Pro Tools Dock to get intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic, and affordable surface.

Working together with your iPad, Dock gives you quick touchscreen access and tactile precision control to navigate and control music and post projects faster using Pro Tools, as well as other popular DAWs. 

Until 23.12. you save over 15% when you buy Artist Mix with the Pro Tools Dock together.

Contact us for a detailed offer.

The Return of the Dolby Atmos Workshop 22-23. November

Our Dolby Atmos Workshop was so much fun, we decided to do another one!

We’ll be guided again by Avid’s S6 specialist Eric Horstmann in 1h, small group workshops, going through the new features of Pro Tools HD 12.8.2 and Eucon 3.7 which enable completely new features and workflows, including super tight Dolby Atmos integration.

We will have Product Specialists from DAD and iZotope in Uznach as well so you can dig really deep in their latest products.

Be also sure to reserve enough time to check out the latest gear from Amphion, Avid, Barefoot, Genelec, Trinnov and Warm Audio. All stuff is up and running for you to play with.

All Pro Tools demos will be streamed live from Avid’s new NEXIS PRO, the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. NEXIS is a perfect solution for multi-room Pro Tools setups or video studios.

Space is very limited so mail or call us today. We will then contact you to book a slot for you or your team.

Hope to see you soon in Uznach!

Sonnox 50% Off in November

In November we’re offering you 50% off on almost all Sonnox stuff. As there’s already a discount built into the bundle prices, you could make some huge savings. Sonnox recently released the Oxford Dynamic EQ to significant praise from a wide range of artists, engineers, and audio press. Now is the first opportunity for you to buy it at a discounted price!

Contact us to order.

Pro Tools 12.8.2 Now Available

Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD 12.8.2 will be shortly available on your Avid account. 12.8.2 includes not only bugfixes, but many new features based on user requests. New stuff includes many MIDI enhancements, new VR Audio capabilities, faster Dolby Atmos Workflow, better housekeeping features, etc.

– Change Grid and Nudge sizes and Pencil tool commands using keystrokes
– Record-enable, solo, and mute MIDI tracks right in the MIDI Editor
– View chord names and notes as you play them to ensure input accuracy
– Store and recall MIDI Editor lanes in window configurations
– Constrain MIDI clips to edit selections while using the Smart Tool
– Edit and mix audio in a 3D space for first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics formats (HD only)
– Set up Pro Tools sessions in seconds based on the connected Dolby Atmos Renderer (HD only)
– Repurpose existing pan automation data to instantly generate height automation (HD only)
– With the new front/rear position knob link, you can control both parameters as one when writing panning automation from the Pro Tools or a control surface (HD only)
– Batch Rename lets you rename multiple tracks or clips in a variety of ways, including find and replace, adding prefixes and/or suffixes, and applying various numberings
– You can now collaborate and work on sessions created in Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD by first converting them to a project format in Pro Tools | First (Pro Tools First)

New Eucon 3.7

Avid released today Eucon 3.7 upgrade, the 2nd unified Eucon version for all Avid control surfaces. Eucon 3.7 brings couple of new features like ICON-style EQ and DYN cycling for way faster changing of different equalisers and dynamic processors directly from a controller. 

Another very cool feature is Master Meter Module for S6. It lets you turn any S6 Display Module into a Master Meter Module, so you can keep your Master and Bus meters visible at all times. With a display of up to four rows of meters that can be stored as presets and recalled with layouts, you’ll have a dedicated channel-independent metering display for checking your gain structure, built right into your S6.

New VCA Spill for Artist Mix, Pro Tools | S3, or Pro Tools | Dock enhances your workflow, providing a faster way of working with multiple VCA-controlled tracks. By tapping a VCA button on the Pro Tools | Control app, it will spill its slaves onto the surface (re-tap to un-spill).

Technical Update 18.10.17 – Avoid High Sierra

Apple recently introduced new MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. Short version: If you use Pro Tools, don’t upgrade.

Main point why we don’t recommend upgrading for some time is that High Sierra introduces a completely new file system called APFS and new file systems historically tend to introduce unforeseen deep level issues. APFS is a very modern file system and has some very cool features so at some point in the future, it will probably speed up your workflow with better space management, speed and data security. But for now, we seriously recommend not to upgrade to High Sierra. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more or geekier questions.

Next Official Avid Pro Tools 12 Courses in November

Next chance to get trained with an official Avid Pro Tools course is in November. In only 5 days you’ll discover loads of features and learn ways to drastically speed up your workflow.

We’ve had people working with Pro Tools daily for 20 years coming out stunned from the course with all the new stuff they learned. All attendees who pass the end exam will be listed on Avid’s website which helps especially freelancers to get jobs.

What: Pro Tools 101 (2 days) & 110 (3 days incl. exam)

When: 20-24. October

Where: Ecole de Musique Farkas, Route de Stadtberg, 1, CH-1700 Fribourg

Instructor: Alexander Saacks – Avid Certified 310-level Pro Tools Expert, Instructor and Support Representative.

Courses are delivered in French and English, books and the certification exams are in English. Due to the intensive courseware, we keep the groups small so book now to guarantee your seat.

Avid Dolby Atmos Workshop 10-11 October

Welcome to our showroom in Uznach 10-11. October to discover the new Dolby Atmos workflow with Pro Tools HDX and S6. Avid’s S6 specialist Eric Horstmann will guide you through the hands-on workshops.

We will also have Jan Lykke form DAD, Lars Kischkel from iZotope and Josep M. Solà from Sonnox to show their latest products so there’s much more to see and hear. Be sure to reserve enough time to check out also the latest gear from Amphion, Avid, Barefoot, Genelec, Trinnov and Warm Audio.

We’ll offer 10% discount for all attendees on many brands and products so don’t miss the savings.

Space is very limited so mail or call us today. We will then contact you to book a slot for you or your team.

Hope to see you soon in Uznach!

Meet us at IBC Amsterdam

September is here which means that broadcast and media professionals are heading to IBC, Amsterdam to find out which direction the industry is moving. SEC will be there as always so drop us a line for a quick meeting. Coffee and and occasional Heineken are on us.