Technical Update 27.5.16

DigiTechUpdate_Wrench_80.jpg– Due to severe performance issues experienced during testing, Mac OS X 10.11.4 and 10.11.5 are not and will not be qualified for Pro Tools. The latest supported update to OS X El Capitan is OSX 10.11.3. See links below for system requirements details.
– Avid announced full support of Windows 10 with Pro Tools 12.5, see following links for qualification: Pro Tools HD 12 System RequirementsPro Tools 12 System RequirementsPro Tools Operating System Compatibility Chart
 – New drivers available for Eleven Rack, Digi 002, Digi 003, Mbox, Mbox Mini, Mbox Pro, Fast Track C400 and Fast Track C600.

Pro Tools Upgrade and Support Plan Extended Through 30.5.

ProToolsRenewal_5.16Avid extended the grace period for renewing Pro Tools HD Upgrade and Support plan until 30th May, so if you have an expired plan, act fast and contact us immediately to extend your plan for Fr. 429.-, better than Avid’s online price.

– Free upgrades for the next 12 months
– 25 plugins in worth of over Fr. 3’000.- incl. the acclaimed Pro Series plug-ins for free in the plan
– One free call per month to Avid support and free email support through Avid account support portal

How to check if your plan has expired:
– Login to your Avid Master Account
– Find the “My Products” section “My Products and Subscriptions” in
– Look for your Pro Tools HD license listing and open the pane with the right arrow
– Check expiration date (see picture below)

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Restoring Historic Recordings With Trinnov – United Music Foundation

Hadzis_Mainpage_160524United Music Foundation in Geneva has a mission to preserve and remaster historical recordings. From Sarah Vaughan to Jimi Hendrix, UMF preserves our musical heritage in a specialized studio run by David Hadzis. Old recordings can have very strange frequency and phase issues due to tape generations, tape head adjustments, etc. so a 100% truthful monitoring is absolutely critical. This is where Trinnov comes into picture.

In David’s own words: “A friend who works in a Paris studio told me about the Trinnov ST-2. And since I was seeing my studio’s acoustician, we decided to test it together. We took a sound field sample with the special 3D microphone and started going… I couldn’t believe my ears! And my acoustician put a smile on his face. He had seen plenty of so-called “studio acoustics correction systems” but nothing like this.”

Continue to full story on our clients page

Great Evening At Magnetix

Magnetix_Happening_150503Thx for everybody who came to the Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration and S6 even at Magnetix in Zürich. The evening was longer than anticipated but great infos from Eric Horstmann of Avid and Jacques Kieffer from Magnetix made it feel way shorter than it actually was. Eric hooked up with a friend in Paris and collaborated on a pro Tools 12.5 project live over the net and Jacques gave great insights to film mixing with S6, using the award winning film Above And Below as an example.

We hope we could answer your questions in the many interesting discussions during the evening and are looking forward to meet you guys at the free S6 training day that was pre-announced at the Magnetix event. Details will follow soon, stay tuned.

New Sibelius 8.3 Now Available

Sibelius_8.3A new version 8.3 of Avid Sibelius is now available with many new features. You can now color individual notes, clean up rests with ease, work better with gestures on Mac, and enhance your workflow with over 60 improvements.

Contact us for upgrades and site licensing.

But What Does Trinnov Actually Do?

Trinnov_4.16We get that question a lot but rather than write a novel about all its features, we let Trinnov’s UK distributor Paul Mortimer do the hard work. In the 3-part video series it gets clear why Trinnov is the only room correction system that actually works, fixing not only EQ but timing, phase, positioning, direct vs. room signal balance, etc.

Part 1 introduces the basics, Part 2 digs a bit deeper, and Part 3 is about the results after optimizing the 5.1 mixing room. It’s fun to see the enthusiasm on the last video after the guys heard the results for the first time. We’re used to see jaws dropping so we were not really surprised though… The afterward no-nosense discussion brings to light many things people say after upgrading their studio to Trinnov; It’s radically easier and faster to track and mix and the results translate extremely well to any listening environment.

Obviously the final judge must be your ears so book a demo now and hear Trinnov in your own room. Contact us for an appointment.

Sonnox Spring Sale 40% Off

Sonnox_Spring_Promo_4.16Only until 30.4. you have a great opportunity to get almost all Sonnox stuff for 40% cheaper than usual – only GML Option, Codec Toolbox, upgrades/cross-grades and EDU purchases are excluded form the deal. Don’t miss the opportunity and get the plugs loved by the pros now. Contact us to order and for tips which plugs to get.

McDSP Classic Pack At Half Price

ClassicPack_B_4.16If you’re searching for legendary emulations of vintage equalizers, compressors, tape machines and channel amplifiers in a coherent package, McDSP Classic Pack is the solution. Until the end of April you can get the included Analog Channel, CompressorBank, FilterBank and MC2000 at half price.

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Pro Tools 12.5 Available Today

ProTools_12.5_3.16The new Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD 12.5 with cloud collaboration will be available later today. Check out the video series where Avid’s Tim, Gil and Jeff show how to set up and use the new features in a 3-way project.